Bryce Mitchell believes Joe Rogan is holding out on flat Earth debate with him: “If he wants to call me stupid, at least debate me”

Bryce Mitchell
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Bryce Mitchell (15-0 MMA) is determined to discuss the flat Earth debate with UFC commentator Joe Rogan

Mitchell is eager to challenge Rogan following his recent comments regarding the subject after he mocked people who believed the Earth is still flat and challenged anyone who said the opposite. 

‘Thug Nasty’ took it personally and went straight to social media where he advocated himself to talk for all other ‘Flat Earthers’ and take on Joe Rogan. 

“I’m here to call out Joe Rogan for talking crap about me and talking crap about my mama, he’s been doing it too long,” Mitchell announced to Instagram.

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Me and my mama will tell you right now this earth is flat. It ain’t moving around at no 6000 mph, spinning at 1000 mph and floating through the universe constantly. This earth is flat, it’s fixed, and the stars rotate around us, the sun rotates around us. I can prove that.”

Ensuing from the social-media post, there are many who were interested in seeing this debate taking place to see Mitchell get embarrassed by Joe Rogan on a huge platform or otherwise to support a fellow flat earther. 

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Regardless, Bryce Mitchell claims Joe Rogan has still yet to respond or even take up his offer. 

Bryce Mitchell not giving up on the debate with Joe Rogan

Since Joe Rogan has still yet to respond to Mitchell’s request, the 28-year-old believes the comedian isn’t taking him seriously and is more motivated to show him otherwise.

“I want to prove him wrong in front of as many people as possible,” Mitchell exclaimed. 

“So that’s why I want the podcast, but if he wants to have breakfast at Waffle House and talk about it, that’s fine with me. I don’t think he has time for that or cares enough to do it. You just can’t be calling people stupid because you don’t agree with what they’re believing. Especially if you can’t beat ‘em in a debate.” (Transcribed by

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Bryce Mitchell was last in action against UFC highlight reel, Edson Barboza (22-11 MMA) earlier this year at UFC 272 after beating him via unanimous decision, in what was his most impressive win to date.

Mitchell will second trip to the Octagon of 2022 at UFC 282 when he takes on another undefeated fighter Ilia Topuria (12-0 MMA), after originally being scheduled to headline UFC Vegas 64 against Movsar Evloev (16-0 MMA).

What do you make of Bryce Mitchell calling out Joe Rogan for a flat Earth debate?