Bryce Mitchell concerned Immigrants are amassing an army to take over America: ‘They’ve already rigged an election’

Bryce Mitchell

Featherweight standout and avid conspiracy theorist Bryce Mitchell believes the influx of immigrants coming to America will ultimately lead to an uprising against his beloved nation.

Thug Nasty’ carries a solid 16-2 record in his mixed martial arts career, but his skills inside the Octagon are often forgotten as Mitchell has come to be best known for his frequent posts on social media airing political, moral, and conspiracy views on a plethora of subjects. This time, Mitchell is taking to Instagram to warn the American people about a hostile takeover by the 45 million immigrants that currently call the United States their home.

So I saw a video this morning of a politician, he was complaining about these millions and millions of immigrants coming over the border,” Mitchell said. “I know he was a politician because he was wearing a suit and tie and in some sort of courtroom. Yelling he says these people are going to rig an election to vote against us, all these immigrants are going to vote Democrat and that’s how this country is going to fall” (h/t

Bryce Mitchell went on to suggest that rigged elections will be the least of our concerns if we continue to keep our borders open.

“Well buddy, I’m here to tell you that would be nice if that’s all these immigrants are going to do. You’re living in a fairytale. They’ve already rigged an election and it’s got nothing to do with immigrants.”

“Let me tell you that it is an army amassing. That is not to rig an election. That can be done easily with electronics. They’re bringing millions of people here to form an army. I don’t give a damn if anyone thinks I’m right or wrong, I’m just telling you what my common sense tells me.”

He concluded his commentary by sending a word of warning to his countrymen.

“All of these young men, fighting age, coming over, I’m just telling you stock up on your firewood, your canned goods, your ammunition, and get close with your neighbors.”

Bryce Mitchell responds to the haters

Mitchell wasn’t quite done yet. He captioned his video with a lengthy post addressing all of the negative comments that he routinely finds himself inundated with online.

“It’s crazy I make a post like this, and it gets so many hateful comments and gets censored so heavily. but pedophiles are running round in broad day lite, and they have no punishment,” he wrote.

“I’m hoping for the best for us, I know good will win vs evil. I’m not worried. i just wanted to clear up this misconception. to express the level of urgency. but I ain’t worried I’m ready. and I do think this will be a good year I’m not predicting doom and gloom. But I am aware of their plots. Their plots will all fail.”

“Even if these immigrants don’t form armies, they are still stealing our taxes and bringing crime and real drugs like fetanol. So, this is part of their plan, to break this country. The country which still has the most Jesus followers. Which is why we are the strongest country in the world. No other way of life leads to such a prosperous nation besides the way of Jesus Christ. Anything they can do to tear this nation down, they will try.”

Fight fans last saw ‘Thug Nasty’ inside the Octagon at UFC 296 last month. Stepping in on short notice for a scrap with former interim title challenger Josh Emmett, Mitchell suffered a horrifying first-round knockout just under the two-minute mark. Mitchell recently revealed in an interview that his family members thought he had died inside the cage following the brutal one-hit KO.

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