UFC Fighter Bryce Mitchell is armed with 400 rounds of ammo and prepared for ‘1776 to commence again’

Bryce Mitchell

Bryce Mitchell is armed with 400 rounds of ammo and ready for the second coming of 1776.

The UFC featherweight standout sparked a variety of comments on social media after revealing that he received a big box of ammunition for Christmas and called on his fellow “patriots” to rise up in the face of U.S. “tyranny.”

“My amazing wife got me the one thing I wanted for Christmas: 400 rounds of 30-06,” Mitchell wrote on Instagram. “I’m not braggin. I’m lettin all my allies know we r prepared to fite and die for our freedom! itd b my greatest honor to die next to yall patriots, fitin this tyranny. the system is rigged. im prepared physically mentally and spiritually for 1776 to commence again!! And I kno there are millions of yall, we will have to stand together to fite this evil. Who will fite with me!? who else has NO fear!?”

Bryce Mitchell snaps back at his haters

As one would expect, Mitchell was heavily mocked in the comments section of his post, prompting ‘Thug Nasty’ to suggest that the whole lot of them simply needed God in their lives.

“Look at the hate in these comments,” Mitchell continued. “That’s the hate that destroys a nation. if we would love eachother and worship God we would b strong again. but these comments will do nuthin wen the war starts. these comments will only make my aim more steady, and my will stronger.”

It’s certainly not the first time Mitchell has attempted to cram his beliefs down the throats of anyone too polite to walk away. In September, he famously shouted “freedom” while hoisting a bible over his head moments before his scrap with Dan Ige and then attempted to force ’50k’ into praying with him following the contest.

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Perhaps doing everyone a favor, Josh Emmett scored a brutal first-round knockout of Mitchell earlier this month at the promotion’s final pay-per-view event of the year, handing ‘Thug Nasty’ his second career defeat inside the Octagon.

Mitchell will make his Octagon return in 2024, assuming the FBI doesn’t come knocking on his door first.