Brendan Schaub Hopes Jeremy Stephens ‘Beats The F*ck’ Out Of Yair Rodriguez

Brendan Schaub

The UFC Mexico City event this past weekend was extremely disappointing for mixed martial arts (MMA) fans everywhere.

Featherweights Jeremy Stephens and Yair Rodriguez main evented the night, in what many expected to be a chaotic bout. However, 15 seconds into the fight, Rodriguez poked Stephens’ eye so bad that he was unable to continue fighting. After the bout, Rodriguez began to flip out, snapping at UFC Hall Of Famer Michael Bisping, and claiming Stephens might have been milking the severity of the poke.

Rodriguez actually confronted Stephens face-to-face in the lobby of their Mexico hotel, leading to Stephens shoving Rodriguez away, as the pair needed to be separated. Now, the fight has been rescheduled for UFC Boston in October. On the latest episode of his “Below The Belt” podcast, former UFC heavyweight-turned-comedian, Brendan Schaub, offered his thoughts on the matter. (H/T

“This is what’s interesting to me about this,” Schaub said. “I could understand if it was like a new kid. Say some up-and-comer who you’re like, ‘man he didn’t seem like he wanted to be in there,’ or something like that. But Jeremy Stephens is a dog.

“You think he trained at high altitude for weeks and put his body through all that f*cking stress and the freaking hustle that he did to get in that shape, and you think he would just kinda look for a way out because of an eye poke? You’re out your goddamn mind.”

Schaub also didn’t shy away from letting it be known that he’s hoping Stephens puts Rodriguez in his place for his actions when they run things back.

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“It makes Yair look bad, the sh*t he was talking about Jeremy Stephens,” Schaub continued. “Yair, the way he acted towards Bisping. That kid man, I don’t know if it’s the group around him or what but you wanna talk about mismanaged career thus far. And this ain’t helping his cause at all.

“This does not make me wanna jump aboard the Yair Rodriguez train at all. I hope they do fight again and I hope Jeremy Stephens beats the f*ck out of him after that.”

What do you think about Schaub saying he hopes Stephens “beats the f*ck” out of Rodriguez?

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