Biaggio Ali Walsh, grandson of Muhammad Ali, scores early KO at PFL 2: ‘I want to create my own legacy’

Biaggio Ali Walsh

Biaggio Ali Walsh, the grandson of boxing legend Muhammad Ali, scored his third-straight first-round finish inside the PFL Smart Cage on Friday night.

Biaggio Ali Walsh, 24, made his second appearance for the promotion after securing a highlight-reel-worthy knockout of Tom Graesser in just 45 seconds as part of the 2022 PFL Championship pay-per-view event last year. Walsh needed a little bit longer this time, but once again got the job done without seeing the second round. Stepping into the Smart Cage on Friday, Walsh was matched up with 1-1 fighter Isaiah Figueroa in a non-tournament amateur bout.

From the opening bell Biaggio Ali Walsh put on the pressure, pushing Figueroa to the fence before uncorking a vicious right hand that connected clean and rocked his opponent. Smelling blood in the water, Walsh showed great restraint, opting to pick his opponent apart with a more measured approach. It paid off as Walsh landed another brutal right hand, giving the referee no choice, but to step in and call for the stoppage just under the two-minute mark.

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Biaggio Ali Walsh Determined to Create His Own Legacy

Following the victory, Biaggio Ali Walsh spoke with Sean O’Connell inside the Smart Cage, revealing that he was feeling a little tense in the early going.

“I started this fight off a little tense. Obviously nervous fighting in front of my hometown and everything so I had to relax for a second once I relaxed, that’s when I got everything adjusted,” Walsh revealed.

As far as what comes next, Walsh intends on staying busy by taking amateur fights until he feels comfortable turning pro.

“What’s next is I’m gonna fight again. After that, I’m going to fight again. And after that, I’m going to fight again. I’m going to keep fighting until I’m ready to turn pro,” Walsh continued.

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Walsh admitted that being the grandson of one of the most famous sports figures of the 20th century brings an added level of pressure to perform, but he is determined to make a name for himself rather than rely on the legacy of a man known the world over as ‘The Greatest.’

“Make a name for myself. Create my own legacy. You know, every single fighter in the world wants to make their own name. Make their own legacy. I’m doing the exact same thing as any other fighter. I just have a famous grandfather is the only difference and with that, I get a little bit more pressure. A little more attention as well, but what happens in the cage is what really matters,” Walsh concluded.

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