Belal Muhammad Edges Lyman Good – UFC Vegas 3 Results

Muhammad Good
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Next up on the UFC Vegas 3 main card at the Apex facility is a welterweight contest between Belal Muhammad and Lyman Good.

Round 1: Muhammad lands a big leg kick. Both start to swing near the fence. Good is the one advancing more with Muhammad circling around constantly. Muhammad lands a nice uppercut. He lands a body kick soon after. Good blocks a head kick and lands a leg kick. Muhammad is using a lot of feints in this first round so far. He is also landing the cleaner shots despite being on the backfoot and also has the significant strike advantage. The round comes to an end.

Round 2: The second round continues with striking. Muhammad shows good movement and lands a takedown soon after but Good gets up right away and is clinched up against the fence. They separate and return to striking. Good lands a nice right hand after seeing his head kick blocked. Muhammad partially lands a head kick. Muhammad lands a nice one two as Good is struggling to land consistently. They exchange in a flurry. Muhammad lands a hard body kick. He follows it up with a leg kick. Good goes swinging and connects with more than one punch but Muhammad seems to be fine. Good blocks a spinning backfist.

Round 3: The pair return to striking. However, Good is having more success and manages to rock Muhammad before dropping him soon after. Muhammad defends by attempting a takedown but is unable to land it. They separate as Good looks to go for the finish. Good is looking more confident and loose now. Muhammad lands a nice knee to the belly and lands a takedown. Good gets up to his feet but Muhammad has his back. They separate and return to striking for the final minute of the fight. Muhammad times a takedown well and has Good’s back again with the body triangle locked in. He looks for the rear naked choke but the fight comes to an end.

Official result: Belal Muhammad defeats Lyman Good via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

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