UFC Lightweight contender Alexander Hernandez returns after a successful revamp in his career, now training under Marc Montoya at Factory X MMA in Colorado. This new and improved version of Hernandez is ready to take on BJJ specialist, Thiago Moises on February 27th.

“The Great” is coming off an amazing flush KO win over Chris Gruetzmacher last Halloween, where he looked better than ever. Hernandez attributes his success to his camp switch to Factory X, where his arsenal of weapons were sharpened. His training was captained by no other than Coach Marc Montoya.

The music of Fleetwood Mac would also have an impact on Hernandez’s fighting style, bringing in a new age of skill to the San Antonio native going forward in his career.

“Sometimes the music I was listening to, you know, I try to get too high. I was, you know, I was always just trying to get up, just trying to get hyped and get in it. I realized that it’s better to be neutral. It’s better to be cool, better to be composed, better to be just calm in the moment. I started like really jamming to Fleetwood [Mac] while I’m making some French toast the mornings. I started just jamming to that every day to the gym and I was feeling it just like that whole album. I just kinda like to let go.”

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“I started flowing. I stopped trying goddamn hard. I just stopped. I stopped with all these like wild expectations of myself and just started going in and being present in the moment and you know, it shut, I popped off.”

Updating his strategies in Colorado, the cool, calm and collected contender is ready for the challenge that is the Brazilian, Thiago Moises.

“He’s game.” Hernandez told MMA Island. “I think he’s done well in accruing the wins he has. I just don’t think, I almost don’t even believe that he has the merit for those wins. Like the [Michael] Johnson victory– kind of pulled it off in the second round. I thought it was kind of like a weak attempt at a heel hook. Michael just kind of woke up clueless and had no idea. He just sort of watched the process happen.”

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“He didn’t know how to respond. It was like, you never seen somebody attack his foot before. That’s just completely a whole different world, you know, than what [Moises] would see with me.”

“Then with the Bobby Green fight, I thought Bobby look, you know, Bobby normally shows up and I thought he looked a little flat that fight and Thiago, I did need to do what he did, what he needed to do to win.

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“But again, I’m not impressed. I know he’s a threat. I know he’s dangerous. He’s won caliber fights in a row now. Big finishes. So, he definitely gets this type of approval for a fight. But, I don’t see him as a threat outside of a puncher’s chance. I’m not expecting anything. I plan to go out there just like I did at the last fight and just execute on the practice when I’ve been working on.”

Hernandez is ready for wherever the fight may go.

“If it goes to the ground then hooray for me. If it’s on the feet, even more satisfying. So, you know what, whatever, either direction.”

Will Alexander “The Great” Hernandez conquer another contender in his wake? Or will Thiago Moises play spoiler?