In the UFC 258 co-main event Maycee Barber will look to get back in the win column against Alexa Grasso.

Round 1: Maycee Barber comes bouncing out early. The youngster is bopping around, popping out her jab. Alexa Grasso has her high guard and is throwing kicks and punches to maintain distance. The two fighters clinch and trade position several times against the cage. They eventually separate and Grasso lands off the break. Barber swings wildly and Grasso catches her with a one-two. Once again they clinch up against the Octagon wall. Both fighters have their moments of control here. Grasso lands a nice elbow over the top. They break and Barber lands two consecutive shots. She rushes in but Grasso catches her and stops the forward momentum. These girls are swinging! Barber lands big but is once again caught clean as she’s storms in to follow up. More clinch work against the fence until the end of round one.

Round 2: A quiet start to round two before Grasso starts to put her hands together. Barber tries a high kick which just misses. ‘The Future’ lands a big overhand but is caught with a hook which wobbles her. Grasso is unable to follow up but that was the biggest shot of the fight. Barber gets the clinch against the fence. As we saw often in round one these two ladies trade positions before separating. Barber is throwing haymakers, some are landing but she is being consistently countered with clean strikes. Barber forces this fight to the mat. She’s trying to get into her opponent’s guard but Grasso is kicking like crazy to keep her off. She eventually grabs Barber’s arm and uses the submission threat to reverse position. Grasso is in control on the ground now. She ends round two on the back of Barber threatening with a choke attempt.

Round 3: Barber is throwing a lot and missing a lot at the start of round three. The clock is ticking down and not much is happening. Barber partially lands before pushing the fight up against the fence. The youngster eventually secures the takedown. Barber does some good work on the floor before they go at it on the feet. Barber is swinging wild. She is behind in this fight and looking for the finish. Grasso survives the initial wave of strikes. The two ladies clinch against the fence once again. Barber is doing good work in the clinch. She’s landing knees, punches, elbows – everything she’s got she’s throwing at Grasso. Thirty seconds left. Barber is headhunting now. Barber finishes the fight with a big takedown.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Alexa Grasso def. Maycee Barber via unanimous decision

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