10 Worst Fight Bookings in UFC History

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3) Frankie Edgar vs. B.J. Penn III

The return of MMA legend B.J. Penn in 2014, following a near-two year hiatus from professional competition, was anticipated to say the least.

But with a depleted offensive skill set, slowed movements, and natural strength incapable of handling the athletic superiority of Frankie Edgar at The Ultimate Fighter Season 19 finale, “The Prodigy” seemingly mad a massive mistake in coming back to the Octagon.

Edgar bullied him for almost 15 minutes before the fight was stopped in the third round due to a TKO. There was obviously some money to be made considering the two had fought twice before, but the trilogy fight was more one-sided homicide than epic grudge match.

To think that Penn is making another comeback at UFC 199 nearly two years later is absolutely mind-boggling. I guess he hasn’t learned his lesson.

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