10 MMA Fighters Who Almost Quit Before They Became Stars

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The obstacles facing any fighter hoping to achieve fame and fortune in the sport of mixed martial arts (MMA) are truly daunting.

Compiling a consistent winning record and steering clear of serious injuries while waiting for a shot at the big leagues that may never come is hard enough, but with there being almost no money in the sport at the regional level, just keeping a roof over their heads can be a constant struggle for any up-and-coming fighter.

With that in mind it’s little wonder that many prospects have given up long before they ever got close to fulfilling their dreams.

Even some of MMA’s biggest stars have found themselves at that same crossroad in their career, and as you’ll read in the pages that follow, in many cases they came alarmingly close to throwing in the towel for good, unaware that success was waiting just around the corner.

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