UFC Fight Night 46 Results: Irish Eyes Are Smiling As Conor McGregor Smashes Diego Brandao In One


UFC Fight Night 46 is well underway in Dublin, Ireland, and the main card has a lot to live up to with the fireworks of the prelims section. Plenty of great finishes and wins for all the Irish fighters thus far has the crowd going absolutely wild, as they welcome Irishman Norman Parke to the octagon for his lightweight clash with Naoyuki Kotani.

A great first round for Parke, as he landed some good shots on the feet. Kotani was unable to get the takedown but did land some good punches, ‘Stormin’ put an exclamation mark on round one with some huge elbows on the mat. A big slam for Parke opened the second stanza, as ‘Stormin’ pours on the elbows and punches to win by TKO. Irish fighters remain perfect in Dublin.

Flyweights Ian McCall and Brad Pickett are up now, as they attempt to settle their long standing beef in the octagon. Ouch! A low blow halts the action momentarily, and then the fight just explodes in to life. Pickett lands some huge punches, as McCall works the body and uses his slick footwork. A hard round to score, as they come out for the second.

‘Uncle Creepy’ came out fast and took the mount early on, but ‘One Punch’ did well to regain position. McCall looked to be finding his range as he landed some solid punches and kicks, but Pickett has a great chin. On to round three and Pickett rallied gallantly but just couldn’t sit down on his punches. ‘Uncle Creepy’ has excellent movement, and pulls off the unanimous decision win by outworking the Brit tonight.

Welterweights now, as Gunnar Nelson looks to keep his momentum going against Zak Cummings. A very cagey first round led to a little more activity in the second, and Cummings was pushing the pace. Nelson started to counter toward the end of the round, and landed some laser-sharp straight punches to the chin.

All of a sudden this fight is on the mat, and Nelson fulfils his potential in this fight, as he sinks in a rear naked choke to tap Cummings out in two. On to the main event of the evening, and I am hyped for this fight! Conor McGregor looks to make it a clean sweep for the Irish as he goes up against dangerous Brazilian grappler Diego Brandao.

The crowd is absolutely electric for the opening round, and McGregor looks like a man possessed. The fight opens with some spinning kicks to the head and body from McGregor, but Brandao lands some good head punches. A reversal from ‘Notorious’ puts him in Brandao’s guard, and McGregor is wise to the submission attempts and lands some hard elbows.

A huge spinning head kick seems to crumble Brandao, but he is ok and now McGregor lands some huge punches, and Brandao is hurt! Wow, it is all over! It was a big straight left that did the damage and McGregor wins by TKO!!! What an amazing evening of fights in Dublin, and could this be the start of McGregor’s title run?

UFC Fight Night 46 Main Card Results:

Conor McGregor def. Diego Brandao by TKO (punches) round one

Gunnar Nelson def. Zak Cummings by submission (rear naked choke) round one

Ian McCall def. Brad Pickett by unanimous decision

Norman Parke def. Maoyuki Kotani by TKO (elbows and punches) round two

  • What a beast!! This guy is explosive, exciting, charismatic and I'm really excited to see what he can do in this division!!

  • That didn't seem fixes at all!

    • "fixed" and now your grammatical abortion is "fixed" as well.

    • If you think that fight was fixed you are a massive imbecile. Conor is going to be the 145 Champion one day, he has some elite striking that will give any one in the top 10 trouble. I can see him smashing Dustin in the first round just like the rest of them. Haters can keep on hating but there is no denying Conor is something special. He reminds me of a mix between Ali and Bruce Lee with the killer instinct of Mike Tyson.

  • Connor still has a LOT to prove. A win even first round over Brandao isnt saying a lot. When he starts getting top ten fighters we'll see. With all that talk and hype, he better have won.

    • Thank you!!

      I like the kid.. and he performed well, but let's not get carried away here! I still have the Top 6 smashing him right now. I hope the UFC doesn't feed him to the wolves to quick. Let the man work his way up. Give him Jeremy Stephens, Clay Guida, Lentz… After 1 or 2 of them we'll see what he's "really" made of!

      • Not so sure. I feel whoever fights him will need to take him down and even there he looks great. I think as a striker he may be a good fight for Aldo. I agree on the speed of his ascent though, it is too soon to know. I don't know if anyone can out strike him though. I remember Jones coming in and everyone saying the same things. He then fought Shogun and everyone thought it was too soon and he destroyed Shogun. Even if Conor loses a fight he is looking to be dominant in the division.

    • Entity, they both fought Diego and Conor was much more dominant against a Diego in much better shape and much more motivated than the Diego Dustin faced. Dustin had problems with Diego and Conor had none. Conor is worthy of a Porier fight for sure.

  • Call me crazy but I think Poirier will wreck Conor even though he looked very good tonight. Brandao folds to top competition.

    • I think it will be a good fight. Conor is faster, has bombs, better technique and great TDD and heck even a decent grappling ability. Dustin however does have experience and that is a big plus for gameplanning.

    • i dont think he will wreck him but it will be a very tough fight. conor looked good but while the fight was going on i was doubting if he could be competitive vs an edgar or mendes.

      • That is where I wonder as well. Stylistically he matches up well with Aldo more than Mendes or Edgar.

    • Dustin and Conor both fought Diego. Diego was in better shape and more prepared for Conor and Conor still destroyed him much more impressively than Dustin who actually had some problems with Diego.

  • brad pickett didnt look bad but it was evident in the seery fight and more evident in this one that he isnt made for 125. he is too slow and drained. he isnt gonna be a title competitor in neither but will have better showings back at 135….as for mccall damn the dude can move. dont know if he can beat mighty mouse but he does have all the tools. flyweight is basically made up of mccall, DJ , joeb, dodson and HB ali. the rest are fillers