Mike Dolce believes Johny Hendricks is hands-down the best Welterweight in the world


Nutritionist Mike Dolce has made a ton of waves recently with his elaborate and effective weight-cutting plans for top tier fighters. He came to the aid of Welterweight Johny Hendricks for his bout with Martin Kampmann at UFC 154, where ‘Big Rigg’ knocked out the Dutchman in 46 seconds. Speaking with MMAJunkie.com, Dolce has come to the defense of Hendricks in response to GSP’s head coach Firas Zahabi’s statement yesterday that Nick Diaz is the rightful number-one contender to St-Pierre’s long-held title:

“I believe that they are avoiding Johny because Johny is a better wrestler than Georges St-Pierre, and Johny possess knockout power to defeat Georges. If Georges can’t take down Johny, he’s got to stand. If Georges has to stand with Johny, he’s in a lot of trouble.”

A bold proclamation from a nutritionist to be sure, as it is tough to say that Georges St-Pierre is truly in trouble standing against anyone not named Anderson Silva. However Dolce went on to discuss the recent records of both Diaz and Hendricks, and it’s hard to argue with the points he brought up:

“I’m looking at Nick’s record right now. He beat K.J. Noons, a 155-pounder; Evangelista ‘Cyborg’ (Santos), and who is he? Then Paul Daley – all right, Paul Daley’s tough. Then B.J. Penn, a very uninspired B.J. Penn, who’s a lightweight. He beat two lightweights, one very fringe welterweight, and Paul Daley.”

“Then you look at who Johny fought. Johny fought Mike Pierce, who’s very tough and underrated. Then he comes in and knocks out Fitch, beats Koscheck, and knocks out Kampmann. It’s hands down – Johny deserves a shot. But Johny’s not going to call anybody out. He’s not going to get into a Twitter battle. Johny’s in the gym right now, training – that’s what he does.”

What do you think as fans? Is Hendricks the most deserving of a shot at GSP’s belt? Or is it in the best interest of the UFC to put on a truly huge bout in the form of GSP versus Anderson Silva or Nick Diaz? Hendricks may not be the most popular, well-known, or outspoken fighter, and this could come into play heavily. Dolce acknowledged this by saying:

“Johny grows out his beard and he wears cowboy boots, so he looks atypical; he doesn’t look like your typical athlete. I think that’s a little bit of a problem. St-Pierre wears the Under Armour, he wears the Nike, he looks every bit the part of that super athlete. You put those two guys in the cage and you’re going to see who the best welterweight in the world is, and that’s Johny Hendricks, hands down.”

Quite the strong words from Dolce. Will he end up eating them or look like a genius?

  • hendricks does in 30 seconds what gsp cant do in 5 rounds

    • Nate Marquardt did in 20 seconds what Anderson SIlva couldn't do in 5 rounds.

      • Lol – you two are hilarious. Hey Mike Dolce, Johny is a good fighter, but don't you think you're overhyping him a little bit?

        • UG- He's done this for multiple fighters now (including Belfort against Jones and Sonnen against Silva before that).

          Needless to say I can't really get behind any of his hype anymore.

          • EH, Dolce is one of those delusional people out there. I can't let you off the hook this time, EH, A.S/Maia was more like a cat toying with its food. Was it his worst performance? I think so, but I'm not so sure about him running around for two rounds like you said.

          • Nah, you don't ever have to let me off the hook.

            Just give a watch to the last two rounds of the fight (if you can sit through them). The three worst performances of Anderson's career in the UFC (outside of Sonnen) are Cote, Leites, and Maia. He was clearly out classing Cote (although Patrick was putting up a decent enough fight), Leites was beaten all to hell and decided to fall down each time Anderson came near him after the second, but Maia was a differenct story. The first three rounds went as usual with Anderson stuffing takedowns, dominating on the feet, and showing off a bit while trying to get Maia to engage more. However, the last 2 (mainly the last round and a half) Anderson went into circle mode. He barely threw any strikes, while Maia was continuously moving forward starting to hit Anderson a lot (although he lacked the power to hurt him). The look on his face shows just how tired he was after the fight, and IMO the heat got too him.

          • "The three worst performances of Anderson's career in the UFC (outside of Sonnen) are Cote, Leites, and Maia."

            I think you're saying that because those were the guys he had decided not to finish off even though Cote was unable to finish the fight due to injury. Also, how can you blame Silva for the Leites fight? it wasn't his fault that Leites wanted no part of that fight. He did try after all.

            As for the Maia fight, he was just having fun in my opinion or you can say that I am too biased to see what you're saying.

          • Agree silva is not at fault for leites fight. Not much u can do when he kept falling to guard

          • @Silvaisking2321 "Not much u can do when 'Leites' kept falling to guard"???

            This is mixed martial arts. Leites wouldn't engage Silva standing. Silva wouldn't engage Leites on the ground. Both were hesitant of the other guy in his preferred area.

            Silva COULD have gone to the ground with Leites. Lots of other guys would have. You can make a good argument that Silva was smart to refuse to go to the ground with him but you can't say "not much u can do when he kept falling to guard".

            We make fun of GSP for playing it safe. In the Leites and Maia fights Silva played it smart/safe.

          • @Michael I agree and o have never said anything about gsp playing his game but if leites wanted the fight there you take it there don't just expect the other guy to jump in. And the cote fight wasn't really that bad ethier just we got spoiled by silva him finishing guys b4 the 3rd rd.

          • "…the guys he had decided not to finish off even though Cote was unable to finish the fight due to injury."

            "Also, how can you blame Silva for the Leites fight?"

            "He was clearly out classing Cote (although Patrick was putting up a decent enough fight), Leites was beaten all to hell and decided to fall down each time Anderson came near him after the second,"

            C'mon man, don't just see "worst performance" and make the jump that I'm faulting him for a terrible fight. Worst performance is used specifically in the context of him being Anderson Silva, and having the most dominant/exciting resume in all his other performances.

          • Well, I completely understand where you're coming from. It makes sense, he is just on another level as a fighter.

      • @evan what silva did to maia was like a kid playing keep-away….your not serious are you?

        • No, what Anderson did to Maia was his worst performance in the UFC. He ran for the last two rounds.

      • and what happened to nate marquardt when he fought the spider?? i forget please remind me?

        • What happened to Fitch against GSP? Should I post a picture?

        • onemoreround you are crazy…

          • crazy like gsp saying hes the wayne gretzy of mma but hasnt finished a fight since 2009

          • How many fights did Wayne Gretzky finish?

          • K, that's funny

          • GSP said in a french television vision that aired last sunday that he tought he still had some things to do before being as good as Gretzky

          • gm1

            NO NO NO….
            He never said He was the wayne gretsky of mma

            he said he wanted to continue in his career and he would like to be remembered as the wayne gretsky of MMA…not that HE IS but would like to be

          • OneMoreRound: Maybe you were in one too many rounds b/c GSP never once said he was Wayne Gretzky of MMA. Nice try moron, pretty sad you cant even repeat what you heard from a video clip, you just lost all credibility you had … which wasn't much to begin with, though it proves how stupid you really are. GSP said he wanted to be the Wayne Gretzky of MMA genius!

      • And Chael Sonnen did what only Anderson Silva's wife did and fell asleep face first on his junk

      • Check & MATE!

    • There's an old saying "better to let everyone think you're a fool than to open your mouth and prove it"

  • umm say what?

    lets' go over this again… mike dolce the DIETICIAN and not the trainer of any kind, says that JH is the best ww in the world? HANDS DOWN? lollll wtf is wrong with this guy? is crack the secret ingredient to his diet?

    JH lost a decision to rick story 2 yrs ago, and didn't look amazing against koscheck either.. rick story then went on to be outwrestled by CHARLIE BRENNEMAN for 3 rounds, who then went on to lose to my grandmother via tko round 1 45secs.

    koscheck got spanked by gsp (who has very much same wrestling credentials as hendricks) and outwrestled by gsp as well… gsp has outstruck condit, alves, n so on.

    that all being said, we're really supposd to believe he not only has better striking but also better wrestling than GSP? While im one of the first to admit mma math doesn't work, the 2+2=4 version of that math DOES work. and mike dolce is a fucking idiot.

    GSP only loses if he gets caught with the left, if not, expect movement, speed, timing, agility, and brains to win this fight easily, just like he always does. koscheck vs gsp 3 if you ask me (is what the fight would look like)

  • kos had ko power and great wrestling too!

    • gm1

      Firstnlastemperor I agree 100%. In my opinion Hendricks only tool to win this fight is the left hand, and when you have a fighter like GSP who is a freak of nature, multi talented and exceeds in various areas besides he strongest asset is that he is a SMART Fighter, there is very little or No chance for Hendricks to win unless of a mistake….

  • hendricks certainly deserves the next shot a the title. but Jonnys only weapon against GSP is that KO punch, otherwise he will be picked apart on the feet and on the floor…

  • The Dolce diet consists of serious amounts of roids.

  • Mike Dolce is one of the most annoying people in MMA. I feel like bashing him over the head with a kettlebell every time I hear him talk.

  • haha what a joke!!!

  • Dolce is a great nutritionist but to say that Hendricks is better than GSP both on the ground and in the standup is stupid. Hendricks won a split decision over Koscheck and Pierce, as well as losing a decision to Rick Story.

    He has impressive KO power, he is a legitimate contender, BUT he has a LOT OF HOLES in his game.
    BTW he was only successful in 44% of his takedown so I doubt he could take GSP down easily.

  • "I believe that they are avoiding Johny…" Really? Based on what, GSP just coming back from an 18 month layoff and knee surgery? Or him taking a fight against the The UFC Interim Champ, Carlos Condit, within months of being medically cleared to fight again? At what point did GSP ever have a chance to avoid / duck Hendricks? And where has it been proven that Hendricks is a better wrestler than GSP? Dolce should stick to talking about nutrition.

    • Nice

    • Yes, but recently, currently, the only fights people are talking about are GSP versus Silva or GSP/Diaz.

      • The operative word here is "people". As in "other" people. Agreed, people are talking about the above fights, however, GSP is not. When asked about the Silva fight, he spoke of contenders in his own division and specifically mentioned Hendricks. If Dana cannot put the fight together between Silva and GSP, then Hendricks will, in all likelihood, will get the next shot. I cannot see how it could go to anyone else. I can't see how Diaz would get that fight, coming off of a loss and a suspension, with a 1 and 1 record in the promotion. However, there's always the Sonnen effect. Average fighter, record wise and below average fighter in terms of finishes, coming off of a loss to a champion, being given another shot, albeit, in a different division. Dana will do, what Dana will do. But not to worry, I'm pretty sure GSP / Hendricks is next up for Rush, if the GSP / Silva fight fails to materialize.

        • I still like Diaz / Hendricks, I think that clears up a lot.

    • gm1

      Dolce is a wanna-be…..
      thinking he is a MMA expert, which he isnt….
      Only thing he knows is nutrition….

      Dolce, stay in a kitchen…..

  • Saying he is the best WW in the world is stupid. We all know GSP is. That said who is the real #1 contender? Diaz got owned by Copndit so that rules him out despite there being bad blood between him and GSP, there's bad blood beteen Diaz and whoever he wants a shot at, sells tickets and makes him money. I honestly thought Kampmann would dominate Hendricks if he kept it standing, and I was wrong there. The fact he has done it to Kampmann AND Fitch makes him worthy of a shot IMO, but I reckon if Ficth impresses in his next fight or two he must get another crack at GSP despite how GSP schooled him first time around.

    It is a pity Mac Donald and GSP wont fight because there's fast approaching a time where Mac Donald will have to face his friend or quit the division.

    So Hendrick's should get the next shot at the belt. Unless of course GSP agrees to some catchweight superfight with Silva, in which case the division has plenty of time to reshape itself before GSP defends the belt again. IMO if he going to not defend for more than twice every year he should give the belt up. Same with Silva. there's guys working their asses off for a shot at the belt and it's unfair on them to sit on it for so long, and the validity also comesinto question when it is fought over so rarely.

  • MacDonald said he would move up to MW before he fought GSP! Though Rory has a few more fights before he can talk about a title fight, BJ, there could be Diaz, but most importantly, I want to see Rory vs. Condit 2!

    As for Dolce …. this is the same idiot who said Belfort was built perfect to KO Jones …. BAHAHAHA, another swing & MISS!

    Sure Hendricks has beaten Fitch who was hurt/sick going in to that fight, but credit to Hendricks, as for Kampmann, he always gets hurt early, I was not surprised to see him get KTFO. I'd love to see Fitch vs. Hendricks again, see if Hendricks was "lucky" the 1st time or if Fitch actually was injured. Fitch stated he never should have taken the fight, but had to b/c he had to pay the bills, he had only fought twice in 2 years & much debt. Just sayin'