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Jose Aldo broke his foot in first round, may miss the rest of the year


A ton of people were shocked last night when UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo abandoned his bread-and-butter of powerful leg kicks early on against Chan Sung Jung in the main event of UFC 163. After the fight, Aldo was visibly in pain and rumors swirled that he had broken his foot early on in the bout.

Today, that news has been confirmed, and it could leave Aldo on the shelf for the remainder of 2013. His trainer Andre Pederneiras told MMA Fighting:

He broke his foot two minutes into the fight. The first kick he threw landed on Jung’s knee. We are talking to the UFC doctor, Marcio Tannure, but he’ll probably take a medical suspension for the next two or three months. It’s up to the doctors now.”

That doesn’t sound like too positive of a sentiment from Pederneiras. The headlining bout last night was marred by injuries to both fighters, as the challenger Jung gruesomely threw out his shoulder in the fourth round, ultimately resulting in a TKO stoppage for Aldo.

Although Aldo hinted that he would love to make his long-rumored move up to 155 lbs. after the fight last night, Dana White, speaking to Yahoo!, quickly nixed those plans for the time being, noting that Aldo will stay put for the time being:

“I think he stays at 145. He’s a featherweight.”

Now that return to featherweight will have to wait until sometime next year for the accomplished  champion. That may not end up being as bad as it sounds, as the UFC 145 lb. division has a ton of talent towards the top, and some time without Aldo could lead to a clear-cut title challenger emerging.

I think that the fights to make right now in Aldo’s stead are Cub Swanson vs. Ricardo Lamas and Frankie Edgar vs. the winner of Chad Mendes/Clay Guida at UFC 164. Featherweight is absolutely stacked right now and with so many challengers clamoring for a shot at the belt, they will definitely have to fight it out in some shape or form.

It may not have been Aldo’s best performance last night, but he’s beaten most of the top contenders at 145. Ricardo Lamas hasn’t faced that fate just yet, and Edgar gave Aldo a run for his money last February. IT’s hard to deny that the streaking Swanson isn’t a different fighter than the one he was when he viciously KO’ed by Aldo back in the WEC.

The champ will need time to heal, but when he returns, he’ll face a truly elite and worthy title challenger.

  • Obviously korean zombie didnt realise otherwise he would have pushed the pace harder in the opening rounds

    • I didn't realize it and I was looking at his foot alot in the 3rd round to see if he was hurt. I didn't understand the lack of kicks. It just shows you how good Aldo is though. Even on a broken foot he was able to take KZ down and still outbox him pretty well on the feet.

      • aldo just got lucky, zombie just got his shoulder seperated. thas super lucky. Anything can happen in that if there was no dislocation.

        • You do realize that Aldo had easily won all the rounds before that happened?

  • you can tell something was definitely wrong. Aldo got sloppy as the fight went on. i was disappointed in Aldo's performance but now it makes sense. Pettis would have killed Aldo lastnight if things went according to plan. REMATCH.

    • no need for a rematch.. they were both injured.. (Aldo from the beginning of the fight) and Aldo finished the fight.. He outmatched him with a broken foot. There are plenty other challengers in line… Lamas and Cub should get a shot. Let the Zombie fight a couple of times… Edgar VS Zombie would be dope!

      • cub probably gets a shot if he wins his next fight id say

  • The only way there is no rematch is if Zombie heals faster and can fight first.

    Before the fight, no one gave the Zombie a chance and most thought Aldo would bury him. After the first round, it turned out to be a competitive fight.

    There is no question that Aldo deserved to win, he was the last guy standing. But if the Zombie doesn't injure himself, I think he could have pulled off the upset.

    As a MMA fan, there is no more interesting fight for Aldo than a rematch. It comes with a great existing story line to sell, and that's what will count.

    • Aldo fought with a broken foot dude… so he was stripped of most of his mobility and usually dynamic offense..pretty much from the start and STILL came out on top. If anything, it just shows how outmatched the korean zombie really was. If he couldnt get things done while the champ was way off his game how the hell is he gonna win if Aldo is not injured and can kick the **** out of him? A rematch is senseless…

    • I am a bit confused, did you think Zombie had won any of the rounds before the injury?

  • If this, if that…what if Aldo broke his foot again? What if Zombie targets that foot from the start of the fight next time ?

    You're missing my point completely. Aldo was the better fighter but there's lots of reason to have rematches. In this case they'll do it because

    A) Whatever the reason, the "outmatched" guy still won a round and

    B) The only other guy who looks a threat at 145 (Petis) is fighting for the belt at 155.

    Imagine you're in a room with Dana and Lorenzo. Could you come up with a more compelling title fight at 145 than this rematch?

    To you, a rematch might seem senseless but to the UFC, the PPV buys will be 'dollar-full'.

    • which round did u give KZ? I think if cub wins his next fight in any fashion close to how he's been thats a GREAT PPV draw. Ricardo Lamas is no joke. Edgar did better against Aldo than KZ did with Aldo's foot broken.