Quote: Yair Rodriguez Actions At UFC Mexico City Were In ‘Poor Taste’

Yair Rodriguez
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In the main event of this past weekend’s UFC Mexico City event, Yair Rodriguez and Jeremy Stephens’ bout ended in disappointing fashion.

Rodriguez eye poked Stephens 15 seconds into the fight. The poke was so bad that Stephens was unable to continue, resulting in a No Contest decision. “El Pantera” was visibly upset at the result, snapping at UFC commentator Michael Bisping and seemingly inciting the crowd by jumping on the Octagon and celebrating.

On the latest episode of the Anik & Florian podcast, former UFC star Kenny Florian offered his thoughts on Rodriguez’s post-fight behavior. (H/T MMA News)

“I didn’t like the fact that Yair Rodriguez was kind of insinuating to the crowd in a lot of ways that maybe Jeremy didn’t wanna continue fighting and all that stuff. Which kind of incited the crowd, right? I mean these guys wanted to see a fight. I thought that was in poor taste.

“I don’t know if he was thinking things through all the way. I think he was frustrated by the situation. And I certainly don’t think he did this intentionally either. I don’t think he tried to scratch his eye intentionally either, obviously.”

Florian went on to say that Rodriguez’s actions were in “poor taste.”

“I thought that was in poor taste and even cheering after the fact of getting on top of the Octagon. Dude, it was a 15-second fight. You scratched the guy, the fight was over. What are you cheering for? I don’t know. I was kind of confused by it. He showed a lot of emotions out there, went at Bisping at one point. I thought that the whole thing was just kind of weird.”

What do you think about Florian’s comments on Rodriguez’s actions?

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