Yair Rodriguez Accuses Jeremy Stephens Of ‘Quitting’ At UFC Mexico City

Yair Rodriguez
Photo: Joe Camporeale for USA Today Sports
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The bad blood continues to boil over between Yair Rodriguez and Jeremy Stephens over their UFC Mexico City this past weekend. 

Rodriguez and Stephens only fought for 15 seconds before the Mexican poked “Lil Heathen” in the eye. The poke was so bad that Stephens was unable to continue, even after several minutes of rest offered by the referee. After the fight, Rodriguez and Stephens engaged in a physical altercation in the lobby of their hotel in Mexico.

Now, Stephens wants to fight Rodriguez in the United States to settle their differences. As for Rodriguez, he took to Instagram recently and accused Stephens of quitting in their fight this past weekend. He posted a photo of himself kicking Stephens, boasting with the caption: “3 solid kicks in less than 13 seconds, Isn’t that a record?”

Rodriguez then responded to a critical comment from a fan, saying, “How about me not fighting for no reason but quitting like him??? F*ck you and your opinion! Watch the reply again…”

It will be interesting to see how the situation between Rodriguez and Stephens plays out moving forward, and if the UFC decides to book the fight on an upcoming card.

What do you think of Rodriguez accusing Stephens of quitting in their fight?

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