Which Fight Would You Rather See? Mark Hunt Or Roy Nelson vs. Junior Dos Santos

With the recent news of Mark Hunt‘s visa issues, Roy Nelson has been put on stand by as a replacement for the UFC 160 bout against Junior dos Santos-that is if Hunt is forced to withdraw. ‘The Super Samoan’ has been through hell to get this shot at the ex-Champion, and the winner of this bout will arguably be the number one contender to the title.MarkHunt10V

So which fight would you, the fans, rather see at UFC 160? I think, for the most part, the answer would be Hunt. The feel good story surrounding his rise to prominence in the UFC‘s Heavyweight division is unlike any other, and the thought of Hunt eventually stepping up to a title shot would be awesome. That being said, would Roy Nelson stand a better chance against JDS?

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We all saw Dos Santos’ crisp and solid boxing against Nelson in their first match at UFC 117 back in 2010, Nelson took a pretty sound beating from ‘Cigano’-who was unable to finish ‘Big Country’. JDS took the win by uNanimous decision, but he also showed that his cardio needed some working on after tiring slightly in the third round. Would the rematch be any different?

In my opinion it would be. I think Nelson would stand a much better chance at beating Dos Santos the second time around. The main reason being that Nelson has worked extensively on his cardio, and his chin is just as granite as it was three years ago. That being said, I wouldn’t put Nelson in as a favorite-I still think Junior would win, but maybe not as emphatically as the last time.

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As much as I’d like to see Roy put himself to the test against JDS again, I’m too pumped to see Mark Hunt get his shot at glory. As one of my favorite K-1, Pride, and now UFC fighters-Mark Hunt is the guy I want to see squaring off with Dos Santos at UFC 160. Visa issues or not, Hunt vs. JDS needs to happen at UFC 160. It will be a test of Junior’s skill as much as Hunt’s, I don’t have Dos Santos as the heavy favorite in this tilt. In fact I see it as almost even.

The heavyweight picture will be a whole lot clearer after UFC 160, and in all fairness I think Nelson still has at least one more fight before we even talk about him in the title picture. What do you guys think? Stay tuned to Lowkick!17 roy nelson sports mullets