WATCH: Nate Diaz Blazes Cannabis Oil After UFC 202

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UFC 202 went down in Las Vegas, Nevada, last night and it was everything we’d hoped for. Stacked from top to bottom, the card

overshadowed UFC 200 as predicted by many. Right from the jump the card got off to a great start, filled with finishes and exciting fights. The main card popped off and the much-anticipated rematch between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz finally came around. Although the featherweight champion had predicted a five round war, few expected the grueling thriller we were treated to.

Diaz and McGregor left it all in the octagon. Much to the delight of the hoards of Irish fans in attendance, ‘The Notorious’ came away with a narrow decision victory. After the Stockton bad boy had submitted McGregor at UFC 196 on short notice, many had predicted a repeat performance at UFC 202. As it turned out, McGregor had different ideas and a better gameplan.


One of the greats

The result was one of the greatest main event contests in recent memory. Both men earned their pay in a big way, walking away with an additional $50,000 each for fight of the night. The toll of the fight was obvious though, McGregor went to hospital and Diaz wore the bloody battle on his face. Speaking after the fight, in the absence of an actual press conference, the popular 26-UFC fight veteran blazed up some cannabis oil while answering questions.
“I’ve been a lightweight the whole time. I won. Change is happening right now. If you want to be successful in this business, you have to follow the leader. Take a look at Conor, what did Conor do for this fight? He did what I told him to do. He hopped on a bike, he didn’t have no helmet, a little amateur, but he tried, and he hired top 10 people to come in.”

“This is ‘True,’ it’s CBD, it helps with the healing process and inflammation.”



There’s no doubt that a probable third fight between Diaz and McGregor will go down in the next year. As far as the featherweight division is concerned though, a unification bout with Jose Aldo will likely take primacy. What’s next for Nate Diaz? Some big fights should he so choose, but he’s said he won’t be fighting until he gets the third fight with “The Notorious.”

Is that the direction the promotion will head?