Vitor Belfort’s Surprise Drug Test Results Will Be Made Public In Two Weeks

UFC middleweight wrecking ball Vitor Belfort has long been the subject of countless heated debates, and more often than not ‘The Phenom’ is put on the spot over TRT and PED related issues. After revealing that he was in fact on the controversial therapy, back when it was legal, some fans questioned the Brazilian’s recent form, more specifically if it was Belfort’s skills or the TRT that was the reason for his three fight knockout spree in 2013.

What we do know is that Belfort had to pull out of the UFC 173 main event against Chris Weidman, sacrificing his shot at the middleweight title in order to get his testosterone levels back to within range. Then, as if by fate, another Brazilian MMA star was involved in controversy surrounding drug testing; Wanderlei Silva now took a fair share of heat for allegedly running from a surprise NSAC drug test.

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‘The Phenom’ stood his ground when the commission came knocking at his door in February for a pop-piss quiz, and the results of that test will become public on June 17. The result of ‘The Axe Murderer’ backing out of UFC 175, was that his opponent Chael Sonnen was left without a fight. In stepped Belfort, and the Brazilian was competing on the same card as Chris Weidman once again, but two months removed from the original date.

NSAC executive director Bob Bennett spoke with Yahoo! Sports recently, outlining what will happen at the June licensing hearing for Vitor Belfort:

“The test results will be made public. If Mr. Belfort appears at his hearing, which I’m sure he will, the commissioners will get to question him about any topics they want and I’m sure that will come up.”

In a strange twist, testosterone could have ruined the grudge match with Silva, and could also see Chael Sonnen removed from UFC 175 if Belfort’s levels are above the limits. It seems that months after the ban of the controversial treatment, we are yet to see the last of it’s impact on MMA.

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Belfort’s past discrepancies with Steroid abuse have left him with a bit of a mess on his hands; last year he fought only in Brazil as the NSAC would not license him, this year he has lost out on a title shot, and could well add to Wandy’s woes if he is unable to beat the surprise drug test. A lot is hanging on whether Vitor Belfort is playing by the book, I’ll keep you posted as it comes in.