Vitor Belfort Rules Out Return To MMA

Vitor Belfort

Vitor Belfort and Oscar De La Hoya will headline a boxing event for Triller on September 11th.

Both Belfort an De La Hoya are legends in their respected sport and is just another latest installment of the MMA fighter vs boxer. We have seen these matches headline huge events more frequently in the past year. Anderson Silva vs Julio Caesar Chavez Jr being the most recent one, and Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley being the most anticipated. These matches have captured the worlds imagination and are very entertaining.

Belfort, the former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion has not fought inside the octagon since his loss to Lyoto Machida at UFC 224 via Front Kick.

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It seems as if Belfort (44) has no real ambition to return to MMA after his fight with De La Hoya.

“The answer is that it’s looking like (I’m) not (going to return to MMA). It’s not changing or adapting to what we think it should. The rules are not there for us. They’re not adapting in a way that’s safe for the fighters. Right now, fighters are having a short career, and the more violent it is, the shorter it becomes. It’s better for the promoters, not so good for the fighters. Right now, and even (UFC president) Dana White has said it, this is a young man’s sport. But guess what? I’ll box any champion in MMA and I can beat them up in a boxing match.” (H/T MMAJunkie)

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Belfort has had one prior boxing match in his career. He defeated Josemario Neves by KO back in 2006. Belfort’s decision to not come back to the UFC may be a good one. The 44-year-old former champ is past his prime and the talent pool in MMA seems to get better by the day.

Belfort has been being talked about by combat sports fans for his impressive physique heading into the fight on September 11th.

Will you be watching Vitor Belfor vs. Oscar De La Hoya on September 11?