Video Tribute: MMA’s Eight Greatest Public Service Announcements

The public service announcement has been part of American culture for decades. Popularized by the perpetually foxy Nancy Reagan in the ’80s, the PSA has taught us everything from not smoking crack to not dumping a pot of boiling oil on your face, and a whole bunch of other not’s. It has also served as a way to punish celebrities and athletes who did something incredibly stupid and got caught.

MMA fighters eventually began to get roped into this as the popularity of the sport rose; some are good, while others should be avoided as much as strangers in pick-up trucks who offer to let you see their puppy. That is why today I present to you the top eight public service announcements featuring MMA fighters. Why? Because knowing is half the battle…

8. Randy Couture VS Crystal Meth

Just say no to drugs! Randy Couture enters the battle against Methamphetamines in this PSA, because when you think crystal meth, think Randy Couture. For a video that is meant to appear sad and claustrophobic, it comes off like an amateur snuff film and loses its impact with the soft-spoken UFC veteran.

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Couture has done plenty of these ads, so don’t be surprised if he pops back up on this list. Am I saying he will for sure? No, but if I did, would you stop loving me? I can’t handle any more rejection…oh man, sinking back into that pit of despair. I need some meth. But if I do that, then Randy won’t love me either. Argh, what a vicious cycle! But seriously kids, don’t do drugs. If you feel yourself losing power to your addiction, go punch a hobo instead. It’s much more fulfilling, but don’t take my word for it.

Oh, and I lied. Randy does not appear again on this list. That was the crystal meth talking.

7. Rich Franklin wants you to support veterans and rock out

This one is actually very well-made, and I have no humorous or offensive comments to add to it. I will say that it made this top ten list purely because “She Sells Sanctuary” by The Cult is the background music. How many other PSA’s can claim that they have a soundtrack that is not a few sad piano notes with Sarah McLaughlin mournfully singing about Angels. Screw that. Rich Franklin, rock on!

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6. Andrei Arlovski knocks out dog fighting

Have you ever wanted to hear Andrei Arlovski talking seriously with lullaby music in the background? I know you have, and this video finally delivers on that. “The Pitbull” talks about the dangers of dog-fighting accompanied by his actual pitbull, Maximus. Arlovski makes some great remarks about the topic and does his best to push through the dialogue, which probably had to be edited together very tightly to deal with his English-speaking abilities — hence all the b-roll footage — but it’s a good PSA nonetheless, and on an important topic.

Many other MMA fighters worked to fight against dog fighting, including Cung Le, Josh Thompson, “Razor” Rob McCullough and Brett Rogers. None were as incoherent as our favorite fighter from Belarus.

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5. VOTE!

I am jealous of other states. Here in New York, MMA is the equivalent of two roosters pecking at each other while people place bets. In other places, it is widely accepted as part of the lifestyle and culture. Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller joined up with several UFC fighters in this 2008 campaign video to attract younger viewers to vote. Dan Henderson, Chuck Liddell, Quinton Jackson, and even UFC President Dana White all have their voices heard in the video, although the fighters only say one line, which is a very forced “vote” muttered from each of them.

This one lands high up on the list just for having so many UFC fighters in it, as well as utilizing a ton of licensed Zuffa footage of those fighters pounding their opponents. Only in Nevada can we get awesome political ads like that, because according to New York lawmakers, this stuff is too violent and brutal. Frikkin’ stupid politicians.