An OU football player, Spencer Jones is currently recovering from eye-surgery following an altercation with a ten-year trained mixed martial arts fighter in a restroom of a Campus Corner bar last weekend. 

Footage emerged online of an altercation between Jones, and three other parties inside a restroom at a bar, with the scuffle breaking out onto the floor of the restroom as bystanders attempted to evade from the fracas. 

Whilst it’s unknown why the altercation began, Jones and what appears to be a friend of his appear to push the trained fighter in question after shouting “get the f**k out of here bitch, look at me bitch” — resulting in the latter firing shots toward Spencer. In the almost one-minute video below, the party wearing a denim jacket attempts to pull the fighter off of Spencer, before he is himself involved in an altercation with another man wearing a beanie hat. 

Suplexing Jones onto the floor of the restroom, the fighter then assumes back control, before attempting to set up a rear-naked choke, with a bystander filming quipping “oh the guillotine, the rear-naked choke — tap out motherf**ker“.

The unnamed party wearing the denim jacket is then taken down by the man wearing a beanie hat, appearing to hit his head on the partition between the cubicle stall and wall, with the latter throwing multiple strikes toward his head before the video comes to an end. 

Jones, a wide receiver and holder has been described as a “superb kid” in an OU Daily Sports report, claiming “he didn’t deserve this“. The report goes on to detail how Jones is currently recovering from surgery on his left eye, and how the Oklahoma native is “lucky he didn’t lose the eye altogether“. As of writing, it is currently unknown if any charges have been pressed against the two other parties involved in the altercation.