Video – MMA fighter DQ’d after landing takedown and elbows in boxing debut, nearly sparks riot

MMA fighter DQ'd in boxing match

Chaos nearly erupted at a boxing event in Poland when an MMA fighter went off the rails during his boxing debut.

Marcin Sianos, a mixed martial artist with an 8-7 record, strapped on the eight-ounce gloves for a Rocky Boxing event in Koszalin, Poland on Saturday. Squaring off with Artur Bizewski in the evening’s opening bout, Sianos was putting pressure on his opponent and unleashing combinations in the second round when Bizewski clinched up. Before the referee could separate them, Sianos broke out his wrestling skills, landing a double leg takedown and unleashing a couple of nasty-looking elbows to his downed opponent.

Bizewski was unable to continue, resulting in Sianos’ disqualification just 37 seconds into the second round.

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Multiple members of the crowd had to be stopped from storming the ring in anger while others were content littering the squared circle with trash and anything else they could find.

It’s unclear what prompted Sianos to take his opponent down in the middle of a boxing match. Perhaps it was frustration. Maybe it was just instinct taking over. Either way, we can’t imagine there will be many promoters eager to book him for another appearance in the ring.