Video: Matt Brown’s Ex-Coach Attacks Him In Brazil, Causing Street Fight

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Matt Brown is having one hell of a time in Brazil…

It’s been a very rough weekend for Matt Brown, after coming in to UFC 198 with some high hopes for the future. Demian Maia was the opponent for ‘The Immortal,’ and a win could easily have thrust Brown back in to the title picture, especially as he was fighting the talented jiu-jitsu specialist in his own backyard of Brazil. As it turned out, Brown appears to have seen a lot more action than just in the octagon.

Before even stepping in to the fight with Maia, Brown was mobbed by crazed fans during his UFC 198 walkout. On the way to the octagon angry fans swung, grabbed and yelled at Brown, with one even hitting the welterweight contender. But the story only got tougher for Matt Brown, as he ended up losing by third-round submission.

Demian Maia vs. Matt Brown

The entertaining striker clearly angered fans during the UFC 198 weigh-ins, standing on the scales with his back to the 15,000 strong Brazilian crowd and flipping them off as the stepped away. And still the story gets stranger and more controversial, as news has merged that Brown’s ex-coach Rodrigo Botti assaulted the UFC welterweight in a hotel lobby the day after the event.

Here is the video of Botti being caught by members of Brown’s team and geting a few punches and soccer kicks thrown his way.

UFC commentator and light-heavyweight veteran Brian Stann confirmed the situation on Twitter:

What Stann was eluding to is that the man with a grudge turns out to be Rodrigo Botti, Brown’s former BJJ coach who accused ‘The Immortal’ of assaulting him during a business negotiation a while back.

Unfortunately for Botti, there’ll likely be a ton of witnesses in this scenario who tell a very different tale.

We’ll keep you updated to this story as it evolves.

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