Newly-crowned champion Henry Cejudo has been reunited with his UFC flyweight title.

Cejudo shocked the world when he defeated the only champion the UFC flyweight division has ever known. Shortly after Cejudo beat Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson to become the new flyweight king, he jumped on a plane and headed for Russia.

The new champ wasn’t going to party it up in mother Russia. To the contrary, the UFC had a number of festivities planned for the entire week-long promotional machine known as UFC Moscow. Unfortunately, Cejudo lost his luggage in transit and with it, his UFC flyweight title.

Perhaps the most insane part of the story is that this isn’t the first time Cejudo has lost something priceless. He lost his Olympic gold medal while escaping the California wildfires a year back:

“Unfortunately, my belt is in my luggage,” Cejudo told reporters in Moscow. “So now, on top of my gold medal, now it’s my belt. I don’t know what it is about gold. I can’t keep it.”

“Let’s be honest, material comes and goes,” he added. “It’s the memories, it’s the legacy that comes with being a champion. I’m going to get a gold medal back. I’m going to get a belt back. But it’s the memories that come with that that makes it special.”

Cejudo didn’t seem too shaken up about losing his newly acquired championship belt. Maybe “The Messenger” knew everything would work out in the end.

Cejudo announced today (Sept. 18 2018) via his Instagram account that he has been reunited with his flyweight title and all is now good.

Watch Henry Cejudo and his flyweight title reunite here:

“Don’t you ever leave me again,” Henry Cejudo says to the title in the video.

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