Video: fan attempts to assault Ian Garry in parking lot after UFC 285 fight

Ian Garry Kenan Song UFC 285 fan

The 11-0 rising UFC phenom Ian Garry had a close call with a fan in the parking lot of the UFC 285 venue. After his fight with Kenan Song, Garry, and his entourage would attempt to leave when things got hairy with a crazed fan.

The Irishman endured some trials and tribulations early into his fight with Song. However, when he needed it most, Garry had the presence of mind and heart to turn things around. Quickly, things began to look very one-sided. ‘The Future’ would begin to batter his opponent, and Song started to look overwhelmed.

In the third round, Ian Garry would really amp up the pressure. In the last few minutes of the fight, Garry put the pedal to the metal and, in a last-minute swarm, finished Kenan Song with a powerful flurry. After getting dapper for his post-fight press conference appearance, Garry and crew would attempt to leave when a mentally unstable fan wanted to issue a challenge to the trained modern-day gladiator that is ‘The Future’.

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Fan issues ridiculous challenge to Ian Garry in parking lot outside of UFC 285 venue

Captured on video and posted to Twitter, an intoxicated or just rather delusional fan thought it would be wise to issue the trained mixed martial artist Ian Garry a direct challenge.

“Relax, relax!” Garry says on the video to the crazed fan attempting to fight him. The two are separated by a small crowd of people, but if either suddenly blitzed, a few strikes could undoubtedly land.

“I’m a fighter too, dog; I do this!” the lunatic screams while mildly attempting to march forward. Obviously, getting knocked out by a UFC fighter must be high on his bucket list.

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The most comical part of the video, besides the deranged idiotic fan with a death wish, is the fact that one of the people holding the crazy fan back is an old lady. Obviously, a senior citizen and probably older than the two men put together. All props go to her, though, as she never backed down and demonstrated that bravery transcends age and physicality.

No matter what, that delusional fan should count himself lucky that he got spared by Ian Garry that night. The fan probably needed to be humbled, but if he actually fought against the likes of Garry on that concrete they both stood on: the fan could have easily died when he got knocked out, and his head hit the concrete below.

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Obviously, everybody is human, and every fight could be viewed as a 50/50 chance of winning and losing, but all signs point to ‘The Future’ committing a near-murder on that man if things really got physical. Thankfully for everybody involved, Garry let the man talk his lunatic utterings and let him leave with his dignity and life intact.

What are your thoughts on this strange parking lot interaction between Garry and the crazed fan?