Video: Conor McGregor Hijacks UFC 197 Presser, Leaves dos Anjos Speechless

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Outspoken UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor does it again, this time it’s Rafael dos Anjos he leaves speechless with some very heavy insults…

UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor is not known for mincing his words. His outspoken swagger outside the octagon has made his every move a media frenzy, and his performances inside the arena of combat speak for themselves. Whether you love or hate him, you have to admit ‘The Notorious’ keeps the spotlight firmly fixed on the world of mixed martial arts.

But is it for the better? In terms of pay-per-view buys for the UFC events he headlines, most certainly yes. There is a clear division between McGregor and his last opponent Jose Aldo, and it’s one that’s present with is upcoming foe Rafael dos Anjos, and that’s the element of showmanship. Aldo has never been known for the theatrics, and neither has the current lightweight champion ‘RDA,’ who faces McGregor on March 5 at UFC 197.


As we remember from the infamous Go Big presser, McGregor will take any opportunity to jack an entire media event and make it his own. The same was true of the UFC 197 press conference that went down yesterday, and once again ‘The Notorious’ one was on prime form. This time he actually paid respect to ‘Scarface,’ while simultaneously destroying dos Anjos’ reputation with the help of only a microphone.

But has the Irish sensation gone too far this time?

McGregor dos AnjosSkip to page 2 for the video of McGregor hijacking the presser and the intense staredown… 

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