VIDEO | Bruce Buffer Epically Introduces Mike Tyson

Bruce Buffer

Bruce Buffer recently switched sports to give heavyweight boxing legend Mike Tyson one of his patented epic introductions.

The veteran UFC announcer made an appearance on the ‘Hotboxin’ podcast and had Tyson in awe as he introduced the former heavyweight king in classic Bruce Buffer style.  

“And now! This is truly the moment we have all been waiting for,” Buffer began. “IT’S TIME! Introducing, fighting out of Brownsville, New York, USA. Presenting the heavyweight, undisputed champion of the world. ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson!”

Tyson is currently in talks for a trilogy fight with Evander Holyfield.

On Monday, representatives for ‘The Real Deal’ sent out a press release that claimed talks for the eagerly anticipated Tyson – Holyfield trilogy fight had ended when ‘Iron Mike’ rejected a $25 million fight offer.

“We thought this was a done deal but it quickly fell apart when Tyson’s people declined all offers,” Holyfield’s manager, Kris Lawrence, said in a statement Monday. “We were negotiating in good faith all along and it appears we just ended up wasting our

Tyson wasn’t so quick to write off fighting Holyfield next.

“I see that happening in the near future, me and Holyfield,” Tyson told Haute Living during an Instagram Live chat. “Only thing we have to do is get some small fundamental differences [resolved], get some paperwork done and then it’s on to the races with me and Evander … I just want everybody to know the fight is on with me and Holyfield. Holyfield’s a humble man, I know that, and he’s a man of God … but I’m God’s man and listen, I’m going to be successful May 29.”

The heavyweight legend is hoping to get a deal done without promoters.

“I’ve learned so much, we don’t need promoters,” Tyson said. “What’s a promoter? Overrated cheerleader? They tell a fighter how great he is, ‘he’s the best, he’s gonna beat everybody’. I like promoters personally, but what do you need somebody in that position of business? To dictate your business, now you gotta be nice to this guy, kiss his ass, because he’s the boss? No, you shouldn’t have to do that, you should be able to go get your check and go do whatever the hell you wanna do and not have to talk to nobody.” (Transcribed by Boxing Scene)

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