Video: Anderson Silva Blasts The Bag With Low Kicks *Updated*

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Anderson Silva’s leg was brutally broken during his UFC 168 rematch with Chris Weidman just under one year ago. The injury was career threatening for an athlete half Silva’s age, but the former middleweight champion has since made a somewhat astounding recovery. It wasn’t long before “The Spider” started talking about a trilogy match with “The All-American”, although he is currently booked to face Nick Diaz Set For UFC 183 On January 31, 2015″ href=””>Nick Diaz at UFC 183.

The following video that Silva posted to his Facebook account could well put to rest the talk of him being weak in the legs. “”The Spider” practices his Muay Thai on a bag in the gym, and lets rip with some nice power kicks using his previously shattered leg:

Diaz has already said that he wouldn’t target Anderson Silva’s leg when they fight, and it’s probably a good thing. The common consensus is that his formerly injured limb will actually be stronger than before, meaning the Stockton bad boy might want to work on some checks.

What do you think, is UFC 183’s main event a squash match, or will Diaz take out the former middleweight champion in what would be a huge upset?


UFC 181 co-headliner and lightweight champion Anthony Pettis recently chimed in on Silva’s recovered leg, saying the former middleweight kingpin made a mistake at UFC 168. Quotes from

“It was kind of an amateur mistake. He kicked a check and that’s like a basic kickboxing move. I mean, he’s probably done that a million times in his life and that was just the wrong time to do it. The wrong angle, the wrong pressure. But that doesn’t really make me kick differently.”

There are those that claim Chris Weidman‘s ‘destructing’ checks caused Anderson Silva’s leg to break, some believe it was a fluke accident, or do you agree with “Showtime” that Silva made a mistake?