Uriah Hall Offers Update on Future; Wants To “Expose” Darren Till For Talking “S***”

uriah hall

Uriah Hall has offered an update on his future, including the highly anticipated UFC London bout with Darren Till that ultimately failed to come to fruition.

Speaking to TheMacLife YouTube channel, Uriah Hall covered a wide range of topics, from his psychological state as a result of not fighting in 10 months, to why he wants to fight Darren Till and “expose” him for all of his trash talk. Asked why it’s been a while since “Prime Time” has been in the Octagon (he last fought in the main event of UFC Vegas 33 in a lop-sided decision to Sean Strickland), Hall said that:

“Yeah, it’s been, nearly a year. [When I fought Strickland] I suffered a broken orbital bone in the…first round, just completely gone…I think I fell into a little bit of a deep depression but…I feel really good…I have a really solid team and support group around me.” Hall went on to explain that he feels ready and prepared to return, and that he hopes the mental impact of fighting can eventually be normalized and fully displayed for people to understand.”

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Uriah Hall Wants Darren Till Fight; Claims to See Through His “S***”

Following a typically wisdom-infused and insightful discussion about his mental state and his journey, Hall was asked about the highly touted and anticipated middleweight encounter with Darren Till, which ultimately failed to materialize. Asked if there had even been any communication from either Till or the UFC about actively making the fight happen, Hall said:

“I heard he was hurt, but uh, we reached out a lot of times and it was more of a ‘we’ll get back to you’…and he has the crowd fooled, and everyone believes him, that’s why I wanna fight him – I wanna expose him…and I even told him, ‘yo, I’ll come to your home country’…he talks a lot of s***. And his crew was like, ‘we’ll come back to you’, but he was hurt, so…”

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Hall made it clear that “I don’t like fake people”, and that he wants to “kick his ass”. Hall was also asked what he thinks Darren does well, especially in relation to his upcoming fight with Jack Hermansson; (spoiler – Hall wants Hermansson to “kick his ass”). Hall was dismissive of his Liverpudlian foe, saying that he “has two punches…he knows how to keep his chin up, that’s why he got knocked out a couple of times.”

It will be intriguing to see if fans finally do get to see Hall and Till face off. It appears that both men are interested in making this fight happen, and it would certainly be a fan-friendly fight. Till is currently scheduled to face off against Jack Hermansson on July 23rd, so Hall will likely be keeping a close eye on that fight.