Luiz Eduardo Garagorri Outclasses Humberto Bandenay – UFC Uruguay Results

Luiz Eduardo Garagorri
Mandatory Credit: Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports
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Featherweights take center stage next, as Humberto Bandenay takes on Luiz Eduardo Garagorri at UFC Uruguay.

Round 1:

Garagorri has a head kick just blocked by Bandenay. Bandenay slips a shot from Garagorri and gets the takedown. Garagorri instantly scoots against the cage and gets to his feet after landing some nice elbows. Garagorri with a nice takedown of his own, lands a few shots, and gets to his feet.

Bandenay wants him to come back down to the ground but the referee stands it up. A nice body shot and headshot land for Garagorri, but Bandenay responds by getting a takedown. Garagorri gets to his feet, Bandenay tries to pull guard but is unsuccessful. A big leg kick connects for Garagorri, who shoots in on a takedown.

Garagorri rips off a big combination but Bandenay shrugs it off. Bandenay blitzes in himself and clinches up with Garagorri against the cage. The round comes to an end.

Round 2:

A hard leg kick for Garagorri lands. He connects with a big hook coming inside followed by another big leg kick. Bandenay has a head kick blocked but he lands a big shot to follow up. Garagorri looks rocked for a minute but responds with a big combination of his own. A nice kick to the body lands for Garagorri.

Body work from Garagorri now and Bandenay lands a shot. They clinch up for a minute but the referee separates them. Another nice leg kick connects for Garagorri. Both men throw heavy leather and the crowd is going nuts. Bandenay gets a takedown to end the round.

Round 3:

Garagorri lands a nice left hand before stuffing a takedown. Bandenay gets a takedown, and Garagorri is right into defending with elbows. Garagorri defends nicely and gets to his feet, but still has Bandenay up against him on the cage. Bandenay goes in on another takedown attempt and they clinch up against the cage.

They finally separate and Garagorri lands some nice shots. Bit shots land for both men. A left hook lands for Garagorri after a failed takedown attempt from Bandenay. Bit swings from both men to end the fight.

Official Result: Luiz Eduardo Garagorri def. Humberto Bandenay