Cezar Ferreira and Marvin Vettori meet next in a middleweight bout to open the UFC Sacramento main card:

Round 1: They had a feeling out process early. Vettori swings for the fences with wild hooks, but he misses them. They had briefly had a clinch fest then separated with Ferreira landing a serious of leg kicks. Vettori scored a takedown with a minute to go and got full mount where he rained down strikes. Ferreira kicked him out of the position but Vettori got back into full mount. 

Round 2: Vettori scored a takedown in the opening seconds but Ferreira scrambled back to his feet. Vettori landed a good combo and a knee strike up against the fence. They clinch briefly before splitting apart and resetting on their feet. Ferreira charged at him and Vettori clinched with him. 

Round 3: Ferreira was bleeding from the bridge of his nose but continues to push the pace. Ferreira misses a spinning wheel kick and then shoots in. Vettori stuffs him and then lands a nice punch. Ferreira slipped and got to his feet. Vettori shoots in again, but again he’s stuffed.

Official Result: Marvin Vettori def. Cezar Ferreira by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

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