Reebok F*cks Up Again, This Time It’s Conor McGregor’s Kit

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Another terrible UFC Reebok jersey, another ridiculous mistake. Can we please start calling them Roobek now?

The seemingly endless stream of awful Reebok jerseys continues. After striking a ‘landmark’ deal with one of the leading sports apparel companies on the globe, the UFC just can’t seem to catch a break from terrible media. That is, as far as Reebok is concerned, something they won’t be able to shake in the near future, unless they manage to make some big changes.

A brief rundown of the former flubs by Reebok; they made UFC fighters look like teenage soccer jerks at the Reebok kit reveal, they misspelled and wrongly named fighters such as:


Others include ‘Matthew ‘Matt’ Wiman’ and ‘Rebecca Rawlings,’ but in the grand scheme of things, these cock ups were at first funny, then just slightly stupid and annoying. But then things continued to get worse for the image of the controversial deal, as Reebok, already being criticised for loss of fighter sponsorship earnings, began dropping the ball repeatedly. Misspelling words like ‘Flexibility,’ placing Germaine De Randemie in the men’s section, and then spelling every Chinese name backwards, the deal was beginning to enrage fans and fighters.

Then came the offensive Irish logo used on the Reebok tee:
ireland-t-shirt-900x500[1]Cutting out Northern Ireland boiled the blood of many a fan, and they still seem to be making ridiculous errors. After releasing a Conor McGregor brand hooded jersey, the sports giant has once again proved they are, without doubt, the single worst partner to have ever struck a deal with a sports promotion. So many questions after this ridiculous photograph, Tweeted by Andrew McGahon on Twitter:

So much incompetence….Skip to page 2 for the speculation of why ‘Roobek’ is so god damn useless….

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