UFC Fight Night 68 Results: Brian Ortega Finishes Thiago Tavares in Bloody Affair


Heading into tonight’s (Sat., June 6, 2015) fight against Brian Ortega in New Orleans for UFC Fight Night 68, Thiago Tavares was hoping to extend his winning streak to three. “T-City’s” plan was to remain undefeated.

Tavares opened the first round landing a right hand to the chin. He took Ortega to the ground, but gave up an arm. “T-City” attempted an armbar, but lost the submission. Tavares kept top position, while raining down punches. Ortega cut Tavares’ forehead with elbows from the bottom. Ortega used an armbar to sweep Tavares and transitioned into full mount. Tavares used his strength to reverse the position and ended up in full guard. The fight resumed on the feet with a minute left in the round. Ortega landed an uppercut followed by a punch to the body. Tavares launched Ortega with a judo throw and remained in top control for the remainder of the round.

The second frame began with a high kick from Tavares, which was blocked. Ortega landed a spinning back elbow to drop Tavares. Ortega was quickly taken down with his back towards the fence. Ortega nailed Tavares with an upkick, but remained on his back. Ortega made it back to his feet briefly, but was dragged back down near the center of the Octagon. Tavares moved to full mount and unloaded on punches. Ortega was able to grab a hold of Tavares’ leg, but Tavares was back in a dominant position as round two came to a close.

Tavares was carefully examined by doctors because of a nasty cut, causing blood to trickle down the Brazilian’s eye. The bleeding was temporarily quelled and the fight was allowed to move to the final round.

Both men looked a bit winded at the start of the final round. Ortega was missing uppercuts, but connected with a superman punch. Tavares pressed “T-City” against the fence, but couldn’t take him down. Tavares got hold of a Muay Thai plum, but he kneed Ortega in the groin. The fight resumed shortly after. Ortega threw a spinning back kick and continued to throw combinations until Tavares was forced to complete another takedown. They exchanged punches for a bit with Ortega getting the better of Tavares. “T-City” connected with a huge hook to the jaw and Tavares went down. The ground and pound from full mount finished off the Brazilian.

Final Result: Brian Ortega def. Thiago Tavares via R3 TKO (punches, 4:10)