Tyron Woodley Says Horrendous Commentary From Joe Rogan Was Biased Towards Carlos Condit

Tyron Woodley was victorious in his fight against ‘The Natural Born Killer’ at UFC 171, but his parade seems to have been dampened by the fact that Carlos Condit sustained an injury during their fight. Some fans and media outlets are of the opinion that the ending to the bout was somewhat indecisive.

As with Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman II, the ending to the bout has proved to be a big discussion point. Although, ‘The Chosen One’ feels he dominated the early goings, and that the injury was a direct result of his takedown on Condit. T-Wood has been very vocal in his displeasure of the common opinion, but now sets his sights on color commentator Joe Rogan.

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Check out what Woodley had to say on the situation to MMAMental:

“It’s almost like they’re punishing you for training hard, They’re punishing you for being physically fit. I think Joe Rogan is horrendous for his commentary that he did for that fight. Everything was, ‘Oh, Tyron threw a hard bomb but Carlos took it. He’s got such a great chin. Oh, Tyron has a takedown. Look at Carlos. He’s doing the mission impossible guard [mission control].’ Everything that I did he was leaning it towards the credit of Carlos Condit.”

I’m not quite sure that Rogan was leaning towards Condit in his role as commentator, but observing ‘NBK’ over so many years of wars has helped form the opinion that JR has. Is it not true that Condit has a great chin? Having never (technically) been finished by strikes, I think Rogan’s assessment of Condit’s durability is sound.

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“I think sometimes when you watch a fight and you listen to the commentary you can kind of veer the spectators, and hopefully not the UFC, in directions it shouldn’t be going. “I was not in any harm or any danger at any point in the fight. My cardio felt great and it was even in my gameplan to increase the level in the third round. I wasn’t even at full speed. People say, ‘He started off hard! He started off in a full sprint!’ I didn’t even start off in a full sprint. If they think that’s a full sprint for me, then I’m happy with it because they haven’t seen a full sprint yet.”

Whether or not Rogan’s comments were unfounded, I can’t see how they would change the perception of how the fight went. The bout was a TKO win for Woodley and he should move on from it. He finds himself in a very promising position in the welterweight division, but getting tied up in beefs with longstanding UFC reps like Rogan probably won’t score ‘The Chosen One’ any brownie points.

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Check out the full video interview below, and stay tuned to LowKick.com!

Photo Credit: Stephen R. Sylvanie for USA TODAY Sports