Tyron Woodley Reacts To Usman vs. Covington: If I Punched Colby He’d Be On Life Support

Tyron Woodley

Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington put on quite the show in the UFC 245 main event.

After five rounds of action, Usman was able to retain his title with a late TKO win over Covington. Despite the loss, the fight left many praising the performance of Covington, who looked phenomenal and fought half the contest with a broken jaw. However, the fight left at least one spectator feeling disgusted. That spectator being former UFC welterweight king Tyron Woodley.

Taking to TMZ Sports, Woodley explained why he felt disgusted by the matchup, adding that, had he been the one to punch Colby Covington, “Chaos” would be on life support right now. (H/T MMA Fighting)

“Kamaru won the fight, broke Colby’s jaw,” Woodley said. “Colby, I thought, was winning the fight by a little small margin. I wasn’t impressed. I was really disgusted. I wanted to throw up, the fact that I lost to Usman. If I would’ve punched Colby, he may be on life support right now.

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“When I’m looking at how many punches those guys took, I was impressed by their durability, I was impressed by the fact that the kept doing it over and over again- it was kind of a teeter-tottering thing – but as far as I.Q., move your f*cking head maybe? I didn’t see a lot of that, I was surprised that I didn’t see a lot of wrestling. I thought I was going to see a lot a lot of wrestling.

“I didn’t see a lot of power. I guess you can’t make a motherf*cker have power. You can’t inject power into somebody’s body – well, [laughs] you can inject power into somebody’s body, it’s called USADA failure.”

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Woodley also wasn’t impressed with Covington fighting most of the bout against Usman with a broken jaw. “T-Wood” says he himself has fought through similar injuries and has never received such praise for them.

“I just don’t like when people try to give unnecessary savage moments,” Woodley continued. “‘Oh he broke his jaw in the second round and kept fighting!’ Yeah, but you lost. How many times have I broken my foot against Kelvin Gastelum, or tore my shoulder against Demian Maia, or f*cked my hand up against Darren Till and still won.

“That’s the difference. I never got the savage moments, ‘Oh, Tyron’s so tough because he continued, and won!’ So f*ck both of them. I don’t want to give them no love, I don’t want to give them no clout.”

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What do you make of Woodley’s comments on Usman vs. Covington?