‘The Notorious’ has once again sent social media in to meltdown…

It was only last week that an apparent rift between Conor McGregor and the UFC tore a hole in the biggest card this year. UFC 200 was set to feature a rematch between McGregor and Nate Diaz, who had defeated the featherweight champion in a welterweight showcase bout at UFC 196. ‘The Notorious’ declared he was retiring young in this now infamous Tweet, that smashed Kobe Bryant’s previous record for most retweeted sports personalty:

The obvious impact of the loss of a main event star like McGregor would be a large dent in the milestone pay-per-view’s sales. UFC president Dana White confirmed McGregor had been pulled from the UFC 200 card, claiming the Irishman had refused to attend his first media obligations for the event.

Then came his latest Tweet, just this morning Conor McGregor announced he was back on the UFC 200 line up, with another Tweet:


So just one week after missing his first week of media obligations, and some 370,000 retweets later, McGregor ha declared himself back on the card at UFC 200. That said, there’s been no response from the promotion as of yet, but of course Twitter has exploded in to life in reaction to ‘The Notorious” announcement.

Check out the best Twitter reactions:

Less media work and more money are a winning combination, aye. Glad the McGregor/UFC saga was resolved fast. Best for everyone around MMA.

— Josh Gross (@yay_yee) April 25, 2016