TUF 10 Alumni Arrested For Terroristic Threats

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TUF 10 Alumni Arrested On Charges OF Terroristic Threats

Mike Wessel was arrested on suspicion of public intoxication, disorderly conduct, and first degree terroristic threatening in Arkansas. 

If convicted Wessel could face up to 6 years for the threatening charges, and an additional 1 year for each public intoxication, and disorderly-conduct charges.

Corporal Wayne McClard from the Jonesboro Police Department told MMAjunkie that JPD officer David Stout was called to Creegan’s Irish Pub at around 2 a.m. on Sunday to investigate a domestic disturbance call involving six MMA fighters.

Shortly after he arrived, officer Stout witnessed Wessel charge a crowd in front of the pub. He restrained the fighter and took him to the Craighead Country Detention Center.

Wessel became irate during the car ride to the detention center and began making threats when its jailers attempted to restrain him, according to an arrest report.

“Several jailers and a deputy arrived and placed [Wessel] into the restraint chair,” McClard read from Stout’s police report. “He began making death threats toward me and my family, and said that he was going to kill me and my kids.”

A hearing will be set for Tuesday to determine the bail amount.

MMA still in its infantile stage certainly does not need this kind of negative press.

More on Wessel he holds a 6-2 record.  His biggest role in TUF 10 was being the heavyweight that turned on his team.  Wessel was met by a submission loss to Marcus Jones on the popular reality show The Ultimate Fighter.  The last time we saw Wessel in the UFC was at UFC 92 where he suffered a TKO loss to Dutch Striker Antoni Hardonk which will probably be the last time we ever see Wessel in the UFC.