Top 10 MMA Fighters from Michigan

MMA Michigan

If you love MMA, you probably know that Michigan has some of the best fighters in the world. From Bobby Nash to Jesse Bazzi, this state has produced a plethora of elite MMA athletes. They are known for being fierce competitors who are not afraid of getting a punch. 

But who are the top 10 MMA fighters Michigan? This list is a tribute to the ten best fighters from Michigan who have made their mark in the sport. Let’s take a look!

  1. Bobby Nash

Starting off our list is Bobby Nash, one of the most talented and renowned fighters in the sport who comes from Clawson. Nash has had success at both welterweight and middleweight divisions, winning multiple regional championships. However, he still has a long way to go to prove himself as an MMA professional. He is currently signed to Professional Fighters League (PFL).

  1. Kenneth Cross

At number two, we have Kenneth Cross from Grand Rapids. Cross has been making waves in the MMA world since 2015. He currently holds an amazing 13-3-0 record in the sport and remains one of the most promising fighters from Michigan. However, we’ll have to wait and see whether Cross can really fulfill our expectations. This year, he signed a deal with Bellator MMA for multiple fights.

  1. Austin Bashi
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Another fighter who made a strong impression in the UFC is Austin Bashi, originally from Lansing. After wrestling in college, Bashi transitioned to MMA and quickly rose to the top of the rankings. Bashi is currently fighting for West Bloomfield Township, where he is considered to be a rising star. His current record is 8-0-0. 

  1. Carl Deaton III

Fourth on our list is Carl Deaton III from Detroit. This experienced fighter made his mark in the UFC with a reputable 17-5 record and is currently signed to the PFL. As one of the oldest competitors on our list (33 years), Carl is definitely a master of MMA fights who can compete even against guys 15 years younger than him. 

  1. Jonas Flok

Fifth place goes to Jonas Flok from Grand Rapids. He has had success at both welterweight and lightweight divisions, winning multiple national championships. His record is 15-6-0, so it’s fair to say that he is one of the best fighters from Michigan.

  1. Eric Shelton
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Coming in at number six is Eric Shelton from Lawton, Oklahoma. He started his MMA career in 2008 and has been active ever since, with a current record of 15-87. Despite not having a superior track record, Shelton is a remarkable competitor who guarantees amazing fights. 

  1. Brett Martin

Seventh on the list is Brett Martin from Hesperia, Michigan. This fighter has had success at both welterweight and lightweight divisions, and he currently owns a 10-1-0 record in local competitions. It definitely looks like he’s up to something big in the MMA world. 

  1. Troy Lamson 

Next is Troy Lamson from Michigan State University. Lamson started his MMA career in 2015 and has since won multiple titles across various weight divisions. He enjoys the wrestling-based style and holds a 13-5-0 record in the sport.

  1. Jesse Bazzi 

Ninth on our list is Jesse Bazzi from Lincoln Park, Michigan, who made waves in the UFC with his solid 12-11 record. Although not as successful as some other names on our list, we love Bazzi because he is a brave competitor who never runs away from a good fight. 

  1. Mando Gutierrez 
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Last but not least is Mando Gutierrez from Lansing. This veteran fighter has been a part of the MMA scene since 2016 and has won multiple championships across various weight divisions. He currently holds an 8-2-0 record in the sport and is signed to the Bellator MMA. 


These ten fighters from Michigan truly represent what it means to be a great fighter. Each one of them has won multiple titles and has made its mark in the sport, proving that hard work and dedication can take you far. They are the current elite in the local MMA universe, but we still expect them to shine in the coming years. We hope that their stories can inspire upcoming fighters to reach for the stars!