Tony Ferguson sees DUI charged dropped ahead of UFC 296 return, ex-Champion Placed on year’s probation

Tony Ferguson DUI Probation

Tony Ferguson’s DUI charge stemming from an incident on May 7th earlier this year has been dismissed. Ferguson flipped his truck, hit two parked vehicles, and was arrested by law enforcement after refusing a field sobriety test.

Video from the incident shot by Onscene.TV on May 7th clearly showed Ferguson’s truck, and also the two parked vehicles that he’d crashed into. The truck was on its side, and as it was being pulled away viewers could see the mangled remnants of the vehicles he’d collided with (both were allegedly later reported as totaled).

Luckily, it seems as if the ever-elusive Tony Ferguson is managing to dodge the DUI charge, and is instead accepting a plea deal that will see him on probation for a year.

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Details from the Tony Ferguson DUI plea Deal released

To cooperate with the terms of the plea deal, ‘El Cucuy‘ had to plea “nolo contendere” aka no contest to a charge of misdemeanor “wet reckless” driving on a highway. Ferguson will be under probation for one year, and during that time he will not be allowed to operate a motor vehicle with any alcohol in his bloodstream. ‘El Cucuy’ will also have to pay restitution for the vehicles of the random people that he destroyed that day.

“Wet Reckless” is pretty much a charge saved for plea bargains or a charge that is applied when law enforcement does not have sufficient evidence for a DUI but suspects that illicit drugs or alcohol were involved in the crime. All in all, it seems as if Tony Ferguson is getting extremely lucky in this scenario. Somebody, including himself, could have been killed.

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We can only hope that ‘El Cucuy’ learns from his mistakes, and gets a grip on his extracurricular activities before something more serious occurs.

What do you think about this situation, and how do you predict the rapidly approaching Tony Ferguson vs. Paddy Pimblett fight goes?