Tommy Fury refused to show up for a press conference between himself and Jake Paul. Fury and Paul are booked for a boxing in Saudi Arabia in just two weeks on February 26, and Tommy Fury recently no-showed a press appearance in the nation.

In an interview with MMA Fighting’s Damon Martin, the 23-year-old boxer explained why he chose to not show up. He said:

“I can clear that up in two seconds. Basically, Jake Paul signed up into the world of professional boxing and I am a professional athlete, a professional boxer. I always have been and [ask] any professional boxer and they’ll tell you this — no one breaks camp, mid to the end [of training camp] to fly all the way to Saudi Arabia, have a 10 minute press conference, fly all the way back to Manchester, complete my camp then fly all the way back to Saudi Arabia again the following week.”

To Tommy Fury, the timing of the press conference didn’t make much sense. He continued:

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“Now why the press conference couldn’t wait until a week later on fight week is beyond me. Most big fights, they schedule press conferences on fight week. I don’t know what is going on there.”

Tommy Fury would rather spend time in the gym preparing for Jake Paul

Tommy Fury will be entering his match against the YouTuber with a perfect 8-0 record. ‘The Problem Child’ Jake Paul will also be putting his unblemished record on the line with a 6-0 professional career record to his name. On February 26, someone will take their first career loss.

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Tommy Fury explained that he does not want to do a press conference when he could be in the gym getting ready. In the MMA Fighting Interview with MMA Fighting, he explained:

“I’m not interested in press conferences. I’m interested in completing my camp, which has been the best camp of my career and I’m ready to KO this man and get him out of the sport.”

With a knockout on his mind, Tommy Fury promises a victory over Jake Paul. He concluded with:

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“We’re two weeks out. I’m ripped, I’m ready, I’m fit, I’m strong and I’ve got more in the tank than what it takes to beat Jake Paul. Don’t worry about that.” [Transcript courtesy of MMA Fighting]

See the full interview below:

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