Tito Ortiz Explains Keys To Defeating Jon Jones

Jones Ortiz
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UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is yet to be defeated inside the Octagon.

Of his 26 professional fights, Jones has only lost once, but that was because he was disqualified against Matt Hamill for illegal elbows. Otherwise, the most damage he has taken was, in his own words, his first fight with Alexander Gustafsson, which was arguably the closest he has come to losing.

Thiago Santos is the next person attempting to dethrone Jones when they meet for the light heavyweight title at UFC 239 this Saturday (July 6, 2019). And if he plans on doing what has been impossible so far, he needs to make sure Jones doesn’t get comfortable according to former champion Tito Ortiz:

“I think it’s just closing the gap, close the gap on him, don’t let him use the length,” Ortiz said in a recent interview. “Get the takedowns if you can, just push the fight to him. Don’t let him get used to going from orthodox to southpaw, switching stances and getting comfortable.

You’ve just got to be in his face and not let him be comfortable. But I say, that’s why Jon Jones is the best. No one can do it.”

That includes Santos, as while “Marreta” has the power to knock anyone’s lights out, Ortiz does not see him getting the better of the champion:

“I see Jon Jones just dominating,” Ortiz explained. “His length is just too long. He’s very dangerous on his feet, but Thiago is also dangerous on his feet and dangerous on the ground. Can he get an opportunity to take down Jones?

Jones is just such a great wrestler and a great striker. He’s the greatest. He is the GOAT for sure. From being a former champion myself, I think he’s one of the best light heavyweights to grace the Octagon.”

Do you think think anyone will be beating Jones in the near future?

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