Tito Ortiz Believes He’d ‘100 Percent’ Beat Jon Jones Today

Jones Ortiz
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Former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz believes he’d be the one to defeat Jon Jones if they fought today.

Earlier this month, Ortiz revealed what his keys to beating Jones were, notably mentioning that one needs to get in his face and not make him comfortable. However, it’s easier said than done as Ortiz claimed Jones was the greatest of all time for a reason.

That said, the 44-year-old believes he would fare well against Jones:

“I think I would do a lot better against Jon Jones than Daniel Cormier,” Ortiz said on the Domenick Nati Show when asked who he would fare better against. “Because Cormier is just a shorter guy, bigger legs, bigger torso. He’s just a big, big guy.

“Jon Jones is long and lengthy. I’m going to get in the inside of him and try to overpower some of the positions. But if it would be Jon Jones, I would think I’d have a great chance against [him].”

Ortiz even believes he would defeat Jones if they fought today as he would implement his earlier mentioned keys to victory:

“Yup, I think I could,” he added. “If I have a camp like I did the last one of 18 weeks, 100 percent. There really hasn’t been anybody to fight Jon Jones, to get in his face, and stay in his face. Everybody else, they want to strike on the outside with him. He’s too damn long, you cannot do that. You got to get in the inside of him. That’s the way to fight him.

“As a coach and as a fighter, that’s the way to beat him. Someone to be aggressive enough to keep the fight, pushing him around. Make him feel uncomfortable.”

What do you make of Ortiz’s comments?

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