When it comes to fighters who have not had the best relationships with the UFC, Wanderlei Silva, and former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Oritz instantly come to mind.

“The Axe Murderer’s” career went to shreds when he supposedly ran from a random Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) drug test in 2014, resulting in a plethora of fines, and a lifetime ban from competitive mixed martial arts (MMA), which has now been reversed.

However, Silva hasn’t competed since, and he has taken that time away from fighting to bash his former employers with every chance he gets. Most recently, Silva was seen in a video with former UFC cut man Jacob “Stitch” Duran talking about an MMA revolution, and prior to that, Silva claimed that he could prove that UFC fights were fixed, a statement that garnered quite a bit of attention.

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So what does Ortiz, who will fight for the Bellator light heavyweight title next month, have to do with this? “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” has never had a strong relationship with outspoken UFC president Dana White, and it seems as if Ortiz is now taking the side of Silva in regards to fixed fights.

Speaking on a recent periscope (Via MMAMania), Ortiz stated that he agrees with Silva due to his third bout with Forrest Griffin at UFC 148, a bout that Ortiz firmly believes he won, but the judges handed to Griffin. The former UFC champ said that if fans watch just that fight, the possibility of fixed fights becomes a reasonable one:

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“Wanderlei (Silva) talking about fixed fights. I dunno, I agree with him because I kick Forrest (Griffin’s) ass the third time we fought. I knocked him down three times, I took him down four times, I gave him an ass-whooping. For the first time in UFC history, they give ‘strikes attempted.’ They credited him for that. What the fuck is strikes attempted? Wanderlei talks about fixed fights? Possibly. That was a fixed fight. I kicked his ass. Don’t listen to Joe Rogan. Don’t listen to the bullshit he has to say. Turn off the audio and watch that fight again. I broke his jaw, c’mon.”

The idea of fights being fixed is definitely an outspoken one, but this hasn’t been the first time that the idea has been tossed around in not only the UFC, but in MMA in general.

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What are your thoughts? Are fights really being fixed?