Thiago Teixeira wins ISKA middleweight title at IDOL Kun Khmer – Highlights

Thiago Teixeira ISKA Kun Khmer

On Sunday, April 7, live on BAYON TV the IDOL Kun Khmer event took place in the Kingdom of Wonder, Cambodia.

For the first time in history three ISKA Champion of Asia title matches under Kun Khmer rules were on the line, with Bun Sothea and Sen Chanrithykun representing Cambodia.

  • ISKA Asian Middleweight title 75kg – Sen Chanrithykun vs Sinan Cagala
  • ISKA Asian L/Welterweight title 65kg – Ali Asgar vs Ponsawan JR
  • ISKA Asian Featherweight title 57kg – Bun Sothea vs Umar Red Wolves

The main event clash for the ISKA Asian Middleweight Title at 75kg consisted of Brazilian-born Thiago Teixeira who now represents both his home nation and Cambodia, adopting the Khmer name Sen Chanrithykun. His opponent was hard-hitting Turkish star Sinan Cagala who had previously fought in the KKIF promotion.

ISKA Kun Khmer

The open-air Kun Khmer event sponsored by GANZBERG beer went down at the Ngoun Pich pagoda in Kombol, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

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Featuring both a Cambodian commentary team and an English language team consisting of the infamous Jon Nutt of Fight Circus and Full Metal Dojo fame and Muay Thai athlete Rafael Angobaldo.

Thiago Teixeira and Sinan Cagala Go to War For ISKA Kun Khmer Title

In the headlining bout, Thiago Teixeira, returning to the ring after a one-year absence due to injury, went toe-to-toe with Sinan Cagala over three rounds in a closely contested contest.

Both fighters landed a mix of heavy kicks and elbows but Thiago ultimately earned a decision victory with an impressive performance.

You can check out the full event via the below embed, or skip directly to the main event walkouts by jumping to the 3:58:00-minute mark.

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The sport of Kun Khmer is growing rapidly in Cambodia, attracting crowds of over 30,000 people on a regular basis. We look forward to bringing you more coverage of the sport over here at LowKickMMA.

Thiago Teixeira