Iranian Hulk Disowned By His Family After Martyn Ford Face-Off

Iranian Hulk

Sajad Gharibi AKA ‘The Iranian Hulk’ has seemingly been disowned by his parents after a video of his face-off with fellow bodybuilder, Martyn Ford, went viral.

Hulk, who is expected to square off against Ford in a boxing match on April 30, was in Dubai promoting what is being tabbed as the ‘Heaviest Boxing Match In History’ last month when things took an unfortunate turn.

UFC Promo

Things got hostile during the face-off as Hulk tried and failed to wrestle Ford to the ground. The British strongman also pushed Gharibi to the floor. You can check out what happened in the video below.

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Iranian Hulk Is Struggling To Cope Following The Viral Incident

During a recent TV interview, a tearful Hulk revealed that he has been ostracized by his family since going viral for all the wrong reasons.

“I cannot call my family,” Hulk said. “When I returned I didn’t go to my family. I can’t talk to my father and my mother, when I spoke to her, she said: ‘The person in this video that I saw was not my son, my son is way stronger than this.’

“It hurts my heart when I can’t talk to my family. I have lost my pride and I am destroyed. How can I explain?

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“They deceived me and I fell to the ground. My family said that you will go there and finish him. They expected the other way around.

“How can I sleep or get any rest? I personally feel very bad and I cannot sleep but I am now taking sleeping pills.”

It’s currently unclear if the fight will go ahead. ‘The Iranian Hulk’ is obviously not in the best mental state and his opponent has expressed concerns about sharing the ring with someone who has no combat sports training.

“I am asking the question if he genuinely wants to fight me? Because I don’t want to step in the ring and be perceived as a bully and seen as intimidating someone who hasn’t put the same work in as I have,” Ford said at the pre-fight press conference.

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“If he really wants to do this fight, tell everyone he wants to do this fight and don’t put it on me… I expect if he is serious about fighting then he gets his a*** into gear because I don’t want to disappoint people at the event.” (Transcribed by talkSPORT)

Do you think The Iranian Hulk vs. Martyn Ford will take place on April 30?