If their faceoff was any indication, it could be a short grudge match between strongmen Martyn Ford and Iranian Hulk on April 2.

Hulk, whose real identity is Sajad Gharibi, faced off with Ford in Dubai for a Thursday morning promotional staredown. The two of them will square off in a boxing match at The O2 Arena in London in what is being tabbed as the ‘Heaviest Boxing Match In History’.

The two rivals didn’t take long to become hostile as officials attempted to organize the faceoff. Hulk went for a takedown across the ring on Ford after Ford initiated a forceful push.

Watch Martyn Ford And Iranian Hulk Come To Blows

Ford and Hulk were planned to meet during Ford’s time in leading Polish MMA promotion KSW, but the fight never materialized.

Ford holds a substantial height difference over Hulk, standing at 6’8″ while Hulk is measured at 6’2″. Ford has been training with the likes of British boxing star Dillian Whyte and others ahead of the grudge match.

Hulk will enter the boxing ring with no previous combat sports experience, while Ford has trained in MMA. This will be Ford’s boxing debut.

What is your reaction to this? Do you plan on watching the fight?