The Downfall Of McGregor

Conor McGregor

Many say that if you are cocky in life, you are bound to hit rock bottom fast. Is that a fact? We have seen many athletes come and go in many sports throughout the years, but few leave a mark in your mind. Some leave an impact with their greatness, and some leave a sour taste in our mouths. This is the sport, you win some, and you lose some.

While many punters head to Asian bookies to place bets on their favourite sport, athletes come and go. Some fail drug tests, some leave the sport to seek new ventures, whilst others just smear the good notion of sport with bad behaviour. Connor McGregor is one of those athletes. The Notorious has been in the press, mainly for bad behaviour. Whilst fellow Irish sportspeople such as Katie Taylor head to sporting glory, McGregor brings true menace to the table, enough that it leads to his downfall.

UFC and issues with Khabib Nurmagomedov

The media build-up to UFC 223 was not what everyone expected. With Khabib and McGregor exchanging many media clashes, the world is just looking on. Whilst Khabib always tried to stay composed and regal, McGregor unleashed a barrage of drama.

During promotional appearances for UFC 223, McGregor attempted to confront his opponent, who was being taken away on a bus with his team. Unleashing his anger on his opponent, McGregor ran along the moving tour bus and started shouting obscenities, hitting the bus, and throwing many objects at the vehicle. People from Khabib’s side were hurt in the process. 

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With an arrest warrant issued for McGregor, the Notorious was charged with menacing and reckless endangerment and released a $50,000 bail. This was not the first time that McGregor taunted his opponents, yet McGregor still called Khabib one of his best opponents in the octagon. 

Fight with Khabib and UFC 229

Following the above-listed incident, McGregor and Khabib shared terrible blood. They both did not like one another, which is why Kahbib was hoping and succeeded in swaying McGregor into submission.  

Following the end of the fight, Khabib had enough and jumped out of the octagon, unleashing blow after blow on McGregor’s team. McGregor was, at that time, still recuperating from his fight loss and gasping for air; Khabib’s team jumped in the ring and started throwing blows non-stop. This is where all hell broke loose with McGregor punching anyone who stood in the way. 

After the incident, Khabib apologised in the post-fight interview; however, the NSAC voted and approved that his $2 million fight payout would be halved. Bans were handed to both fighters, with McGregor suspended for six whole months and a $50,000 fine. 

Sexual Allegations Charges Filed against the athlete

Fighting outside the octagon is not the only thing McGregor is unfamous for. In 2018 and 2019 McGregor was accused of sexual misconduct against two women. The first allegedly happened in a Dublin Hotel, whilst the second was on a woman in a car. Whilst the Irish police declined to prosecute for some pending charges, some allegations are still pending. Pending investigations are still being carried out, with McGregor claiming that justice will always prevail. 

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Attacking a fan for taking photos

In March 2019, McGregor again made headlines, this time for a bust-up with a fan after the latter took a picture via his mobile device. The incident was caught on CCTV, where McGregor charged at the fan, hitting him, grabbing his mobile phone, and destroying it on the ground. After the incident occurred, the notorious MMA fighter was charged with armed robbery and criminal mischief after the incident. The fan followed a lawsuit in question; however, the lawsuit was dropped when an out-of-court settlement was reached. 

Dublin Pub Brawl and Arrest

McGregor never seems to stay out of trouble, as he continued to plunge further into crisis when he punched an older man at a Dublin pub. Media reports stated that Connor offered the older man a shot of whiskey many times, which the latter politely declined. After being rejected more than once, McGregor opted to punch the older man, for which a court appearance followed in October 2019. After ranking up 18 offences, McGregor was charged with assault and ordered to pay a 1,000 Euros fine in damages. 

The MTV Music Awards of 2021

Taking some time off MMA to recuperate and recharge following an injury did not slow down McGregor. The fighter outside the ring was a shell of the former champion in the octagon. Attending the MTV Music Awards 2021, McGregor also got into trouble, this time with Machine Gun Kelly, who was in attendance with his supermodel girlfriend, Megan Fox. Apparent DMs from McGregor to Fox triggered the incident, with McGregor throwing punches in the air before being dragged away by security.

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When Fox and MGK were questioned after the incident, Fox simply replied: ‘We are not allowed to say what triggered this incident.’’ Yikes!

Another bust-up, this time in Italy

Another altercation occurred, this time in Rome. McGregor had decided to spend some time with Bella Throne, her husband, and Francesco Faschinetti. Allegedly, the party was having drinks at a hotel when McGregor punched Faschinetti and broke his nose. Following the incident, Fasschinetti opted to file charges against McGregor for assault. 

The future of McGregor

With so many assaults, indecent exposures, and other charges against him, McGregor’s future is quite grim. One might say that following a barrage of hassle with the law, McGregor was tamed. That question is still up in the air, as even during his UFC injury time, McGregor always gets into trouble. 

The question is, if McGregor returns to the octagon, will he be a robust role model for the future generation? For our kids? For the future of MMA and combat sports? We are not pretty sure if McGregor will have a successful comeback; all we know is that his downfall is well documented, and all stems from some of his bad decisions.