Whats up All you Frikandels

 ? I Heard Nate Marquart is starring in the remake of the movie “Grease”…whether or not he greased, It was still a scumbag move attacking Palhares while he was talking to the ref. Yes, I know you’re supposed to defend yourself at all times, but it’s the equivalent of sucker punching someone in the street or banging your friend’s girl. I truly believe Nate could figure out Palhares and just took the opportunity

? Keith Jardine needs to stop whatever he’s doing and re-find himself. That herky jerky style is DEAD. He needs to go to Holland and train with some REAL stand up fighters.

? Sokodjou is the best fighter in the world. If a fight was only one minute long. This dude has so much talent and skills but has no cardio or heart.

? I love Paul Daley but he needs to work on his wrestling. Joan Rivers has better TD defense, when you’re getting taken down by a natural 155’er with ZERO wrestling skills, then you have a problem.

? Don Frye is the G.O.A.T. Commentator

? “Splenda” Rashad Evans said he was recently going to KO Shogun. Rashad your best bet is to take out your “Greg Jackson: How to put a crowd to sleep manual” and study that hard and lay on Shogun for 5 rounds. NO ONE KO’S SHOGUN !!!. Get ready for “Stanky Leg Part II-Return to Brazil”. Also heard Rashad will be sponsored by 1800-Mattress.

? With the signing of Josh Barnett, Strikeforce officially has a better HW Roster. Fedor and Reem alone crush all UFC HW’s.

? ANOTHER season of TUF. I’d rather watch a marathon of Golden Girls.

? I love the match up of Mitsuhiro Ishida vs Wicky Akiyo at DREAM 16. The winner of that is a definite Top 10 FW IMO. Hopefully DREAM can get Kid Yamamoto to compete on this card also.

? I smell a Chute Boxe Resurgence, up with the UFC signing two Chute Boxe guys.

Maiquel ” Big Rig” Falcão-LHW(25-3 21 KO’s)

Vinícius “Spartan” Queiroz-HW(5-1,5 KO’s). I only seen one of his fights. But he has a similar build to Badr Hari and was a crazy striker and with “Cacareco” (one of the best BJJ practitioners in the world) also rumored to sign with the UFC. We have 3 legit Chute Boxe guys ready to make some noise again.

? 7 Days to a PRIDE ALUM Reunion. Cro Cop,Minotoro and Mark Hunt. I heard Cro Cop has been training with former NFL Placekicker for the New England Patriots Adam Vinatieri. Hes gonna punt Mir’s head into the 27th row (Sorry Anton).

? Phil Baroni recently called for a fight with Murilo Ninja Rua. on twitter..an epic epic fight between two of the most action packed fighters on the planet and two personal favorites…please make it happen !!!

? It looks like its Official… Badr Hari won’t be competing in this year’s K-1 WGP. Makes me sad…but Badr Knows what’s best for himself and as one of his biggest fans. I know he will come back HUGE in 2011 and solidify himself as the best Kickboxer on the planet. K-1 WGP won’t be the same without him. WAR BADR HARI FOREVER

? Everyone go and support “It’s Showtime” http://www.itsshowtime.nl/ . It’s on par with K-1 and puts on some of the best and most exciting fights on the planet…I recently ordered the latest one which took place on Sunday and was in awe of the action.

? Congrats to Team Takeover Affiliate Mosab Amrani on his win on that “It’s Showtime” card. Mosab is one of the greatest strikers in the world and is pure excitement…everyone keep an eye out for this dude Ak6OqQvcy94

? L’houcine “Aussie” Ouzgni. Remember that name. This guy is the next big thing in the world of Kickboxing. Aussie is a smaller version of Badr Hari and just recently knocked highly touted Golden Glory Fighter Nieky Holzken in one minute. MONSTER.

? Another epic fight on that card was Gago Drago vs Mohamed Medhar. This was the Arturo Gatti vs Mickey Ward of the Kickboxing world. Blood and Guts…. Drago never lets me down but Medhar is another star in the future. These Moroccan Boys don’t fucking play with their stand up man. xM9mMpslIGg

? Another Kickboxer I HAVE TO talk about is Murat Direkci. I am such a huge fan of this Pound for Pound any combat sport one of the most skilled and exciting fighters to watch. Please check for him ZOJmDuRe6iE

? I am going to the M-1 Global America Final tomorrow…Cant wait to see Kenny “Deuce” Garner, Byron Byrd and Daniel Vizcaya in action. Remember those names….they will be stars.

? Get your official Team Takeover shirt here…props to my good friend Bauzen from middleeasy.com for this legendary design.

Shoutouts to all my people in Holland… www.fightclub108.nl, Adenane, Arnos Rotgans…My boy Robbie Timmer and superprosamui.com, Remco Pardoel. Also wanna shoutout my boy and legendary HL Maker Layzie the Savage from the 209.

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