Stipe Miocic Destroys Daniel Cormier For ‘Entitled’ Clapback

Daniel Cormier

Recently, UFC heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier denied a championship rematch to former champ Stipe Miocic, whom he called ‘entitled.”

Miocic was heard spouting off about the champ, stating that he was winning their fight at UFC 226 until getting caught with a perfect punch. But Cormier wasn’t having any of it. He pointed out the fact that Miocic hadn’t fought since. He believed the record-setting onetime champ didn’t deserve a rematch as a result.

It’s true that Cormier fought and submitted Derrick Lewis at November’s UFC 230. Miocic has been on the sidelines. But he has a different side of the story. He wasn’t exactly sitting around licking his wounds. No, he said that he was fighting fires as a Cleveland firefighter. What’s more, he offered to fight ‘DC’ at UFC 230 but was denied:

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.@dc_mma my entitled ass offered to fight you at UFC230 on Nov 3 at MSG. You fought Lewis, while I was fighting fires.

Ouch. Cormier admitted that he had an injured hand from his first fight with Miocic at UFC 230. He wouldn’t fight the former champ because of the injury. A high-paying bout with a less dangerous opponent like Lewis was just fine, however.

So while Miocic has been on the sidelines since last July and doesn’t have a clear return, it’s hard to call him ‘entitled’ in any sense of the term. Despite his loss, he’s still sticking to his job as an Ohio firefighter. He also owns the UFC record for most consecutive title defenses.

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Miocic probably deserves the rematch. But in today’s UFC, ‘deserves’ and ‘gets’ are two very, very different things.