Stephen Bonnar Reveals Reason For Documented Hospital Meltdown Video

Stephen Bonnar

Former UFC light heavyweight and Hall of Fame inductee, Stephen Bonnar has revealed the reasoning surrounding the emergence of footage recently, which appeared to show him in the process of an emotional meltdown in a medical facility as he attempted to receive treatment for a back injury. 

In a series of videos, Bonnar appears to be involved in a verbal altercation with both staff from the Henderson Hospital emergency ward, as well as members of law enforcement, after he claims he was denied medical attention to address a back injury suffered in a professional wrestling match recently.

“I’m coming to get treatment for a fractured vertebrae,” Bonnar told a law enforcement officer. “I can’t sit, dumb f*ck, my back’s broken. (I’m) Stephen Bonnar, I’m a UFC Hall of Famer. I don’t have my license on me or any debit card. You know why? Because the pharmacist at CVS forgot to give it back to me. You know when? When she was telling me I couldn’t get my 7.5mg Norocs because, guess why? I recently had 10mg Oxys filled.

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So they could only give me Tramadol,” Bonnar continued. “The Tramadol is awful, it doesn’t work. And the Oxycodone 10mgs are all gone. So I came to the emergency room finally after suffering with a fractured lumbar vertebrae, doctor, for a week.

Speaking with MMA Fighting recently where he addressed the incident, Bonnar claimed that hospital staff had prioritised COVID-19 patients, and was forced to wait for an extended period in order to attempt to receive treatment after confirming he was unvaccinated. 

Bonnar claimed that he had agreed to leave the medical facility following the altercation with the emergency ward staff, before a security guard allegedly pushed him in the back, causing him to fall to the ground — leading him to swing a crutch and then enter the bathroom where he made the aforenoted video. 

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Recenty, Bonnar admitted that he had been taking oxycodone, tramadol, marijuana, and Kratom to manage pain, however, shut down any idea of opiate addiction when asked.

Are you f*cking kidding me?” Stephen Bonnar asked. “Let me f*cking fracture your lumbar vertabrae and see how you feel two weeks later, and also break your wrist, and also f*ck your should up and you’re crutching around on it. Like, c’mon, man. Really? I’m being honest here, ‘Do you have a problem? F*ck you. That’s what I’m talking about.

The 44-year-old explained that he had attended the emergency room after he had used all medications at home, and that a pharmacy had refused to grant him a prescription for more tramadol and hydrocodone that had been written by his GP.

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Instead of trying to hide from the (emergency room doctor) that I’m taking anything, or score an illegal opiate, I’m trying to go by the book and do everything legal,” Bonnar said. “You don’t think — it’s Vegas, man — if I wanted some heroine, I could score some? Dude, I’m trying not to do that. I’m trying to go by the book, and I’m striking out, and no one’s been helping.